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closing arguments are set to begin on Tuesday in the first US trial over allegations that Tesla's autopilot driver assistance feature led to a fatal crash this high stakes case in a California state court has witnessed startling testimony including allegations that Tesla asked an employee to keep autopilots details hidden from the public this case it revolves around a 2019 incident in which Tesla Model 3 weired off Highway struck a palm tree burst into flames the crash tragically claimed life and seriously injured two passengers including an 8-year-old boy who suffered severe injuries the lawsuit filed against Tesla alleges that the company knew of the defects in the autopilot and other Safety Systems when the vehicle was sold Tesla it strongly denied any liability asserting that the driver had consumed alcohol before the crash and they remained uncertain about whether autopilot was active at the time or not notably during the trial testimony emerged that a Tesla emplo employee was allegedly instructed to keep autopilot details concealed from the public this high stakes trial has significant implications potentially reshaping the landscape for autonomous driving technology and the responsibility of Manufacturers it underscores the growing scrutiny and Regulatory challenges faced by companies like Tesla as they develop and promote Advanced Driver assistance systems closing arguments are scheduled to begin and the verdict in this case could have a profound impact on similar cases across the [Music] country Von is now available in your country download the app now get all the news on the move

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