Bitcoin Price Prediction Today! BTC News Today (Video)

you guys today we will talk about the next price target of Bitcoin what is the next price Target today video is going to be very very special important now because we are discussing the next price project of Bitcoin of course my weather uh if you want to join my channel group for unlimited signal the link is in the description must join you will get a crazy signal every day from my channel uh guys you can see here BTC was tracked now from last 24 hours completely now and you can see here uh this time my friend it was very close my friends to break out absolutely if we see a confirm breakout definitely we will take a long entry and we will get a crazy profit now so this time we can't take any entry because remember this time uh breakout was not be confirmed and also can't do a short because my mother possibilities to 25k it was easily touched now so if we see my friends too it will be just 25k definitely we would take a strong entry for long position but definitely right now if it will be reached now to 37 200 to 27 500 then this is confirmed BTC will reach out my videos to 30k okay guys thanks for watching see you next time subscribe Channel