Coin Shop Owner on HOW TO CLEAN COINS? (Video)

a lot of my viewers ask about cleaning coins it's like one don't don't ask questions don't that's what don't that's what I always recommend so I tell people the only reason to clean a coin is if what's on the surface of the coin is worse than what the cleaning is going to do to the coin there are ways of conserving coins and doing it correctly but even the professionals get it wrong sometimes so as an amateur most people have a tendency to screw up their coins so so just don't see a professional let them give you some advice if it's a really good coin send it to PCGS or NGC and use their conservation service I've used their services numerous times yes it's a little expensive but most of the time they do a good job they've they've buggered a couple up that I've sent in and I've been very unhappy with the result but that's kind of the chance you take it right right so can you talk about like how that like devalues your coin tremendously especially like a you know a key date or sure well think about an antique car or an antique piece of furniture the original paint even though it's not perfect is better than a perfect new paint job or stripping your 1780 High boy and putting a new finish on it and that's reduces the same way with coins so you're stripping off part of the surface of the coin and you're making it in most cases look unnatural so if you have a low grade coin that looks like a proof everybody knows it's been clean there's there's different levels of cleaning and different levels of Destruction that you're going to bring about on your coin so as an amateur at home I would tell everybody just don't the the only thing is if if you've got a coin with PVC on it from one of the old coin Master albums and it's green and it's sticky you can use and now get pure fingernail polish remover pure acetone or go to the hardware store and get pure acetone in the paint department and use a cotton ball and very lightly and then rinse it off because acetone will not do anything to the surface of the coin it won't do anything to the toning that's on the coin it'll just lift off Surface contaminants so if you're hell-bent on doing something that should be as far as you go you know going anything beyond that is going to cause destruction to the coin what would you say for metal detectors when you get a coin with a big glop of you know dirt on there they just usually spray it with water you sure I mean you know water is a non-corrosive substance but if you use water in a brush right okay think about it for a second the grit that gets into the brush acts like sandpaper and it'll actually scratch the surface of the coin now most coins that come out of the ground are already corroded Beyond collectibility sure so generally you're not going to do tremendous harm to those but still it's always best to seek a professional's advice and don't forget to subscribe in the middle feel free to check out the videos to the left of me and until tomorrow I'll see you guys in the comment section below this is couch Collectibles and this is where I disappear [Music]