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in recent years a lot of public discourse has focused on China's alleged Scramble for Africa's resources every view of Economic and political analysts have come out to warn African countries about the danger of surrendering their resources to China but what many of them have ignored is that Western companies continue to control the Lion Share of Africa's natural resources about 100 London Stock Exchange listed companies Pride over African resources worth over $1 trillion it is these resources that continue to fuel the success of most West corporations and economies British mining Giants such as debas and Anglo American have zero mining activities in their own country it is African diamonds gold and copper that puts the sparkle in their financial statements Nestle and Starbucks all their success to the cocoa and coffee produced in Africa as the world moves towards electric cars companies such as Tesla and GM are banking on lithium cobal and copper from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia this in itself would not have been such a bad thing if there African countries got a fair share of the profits derived from these resources but it's not the case a start done by a non-government organization War on-one reviewed that Western corporations drain Africa of at least $45 billion per year they do this through the use of endemic tax avoidance schemes and other mechanisms according to the study this is done often with a complicit of some Western governments those governments do this by coing African governments to implement policies that favor multinational corporations at the expense of their own people they also reviewed that more money flows out of Africa to Western Financial Centers than what Africa receives in Aid so maybe before warning Africa to beware of China Western Government should Ender complicit with corporations that pler the continent

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