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so we're going to stick with with movies and not superheroes here with Elon Musk so uh apparently the musk biography penned by Walter RIS is going to be uh basically made into a movie a24 the super hot studio is GNA going to do this with apparently Darren aronowski uh director dour director aour working for a dream the wrestler Black Swan the whale among others uh a true uh director's director uh so much so that musk tweeted about this news and said responding to it saying quote glad Darren is doing it he's one of the best uh so good good thing that musk is happy here but the question is is I haven't seen this movie because of work probably you guys maybe but also who's going to play Elon that's a big question I when I first heard this story I said you know what Elon mus be played by himself like I could see him getting some acting class way for me to not watch the movie that's like an instant way I don't watch the movie and then realistically there's some funny things floating around on the internet there's Ramy Malik potentially we were talking about it in The Newsroom Christian Bale chrisan would be good like chrisan Bale yeah I was going to say he's a great actor that can like you said sort of method act in a way and get into someone's head and if he could talk at that pace of Elon and I think that could be interesting Nick Cage would be funnier I like that one that was and it could be Nick's cage his comeback as Elon Musk I mean I I like Rony mik I think it's it's a good safe Choice uh you know you got people like Michael fast Bender Who played Steve jobs right um you know I don't know that's that might be pushing it um but I think Elon mus playing himself is too is too hilarious it's too funny he's gonna make an appearance he is loves himself so much that he's gonna be a featured guest of some sort even if it's behind the scenes he's making his way into this movie is it too early for the movie in his career when you think about the fact that like say the book's coming out right the whole X thing isn't really even in the book yeah I mean look at look at uh the social network with Zuckerberg I that's true which is one of my favorite mov mete yeah yeah

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