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hi Mr musk how would you f work with China very happy with our progress in China it's going very well what are your expectations for China us relations next I hope for the best I hope uh China and the United States can work together for Mutual prosperity of the world what would you like to say to the president tonight and I'm just I'm looking forward to to meeting we met once briefly I look forward to being again the president of China told Elon Musk that he supports Tesla's development in China according to a statement from Tesla's webbo account today so that's good I translated this with Google translate and yeah that's pretty much all it is Kathy Wood recently has been called out for selling Tesla Stu but I would like to remind that if you look at for example arkq fund they still have 13.11% allocated just to Tesla stock in that particular fund so for anyone who thinks that Kathy Wood is bearish on Tesla stop my question is how come she's not selling more Tesla stock right now in this particular fund maybe she is slightly less bullish in Tesla stock currently but there's no denying the fact that she is still very bullish about Tesla stock and her Tesla stock price Target remains unchanged it also has been a little while now since she last sold more Tesla stock I personally like this software update from Tesla Tesla added an option to activate autopilot with a single ST depression setad of two every time I activate autopilot or especially FSD in my vehicle I feel like I'm distracting my passengers they just look at me and wonder what are you doing that especially happens with passengers that have never been in a Tesla also for all vehicles that have a screen in the back Tesla added rear SE Bluetooth audio support we have new FSD beta nose for the newest update to me the most interesting thing is right here improve geometric accuracy of vision park assist predictions by 16% by leveraging 10 times more hardware for data tripling resolution and increasing over stability of measurements it's only 16% though I'm happy it is getting better but I have heard from some people saying that it sucks so now it still sucks but it sucks 16% less it's good progress but I would like to see more however all the problems with Tesla's Vision park assist will go away once Tesla puts a camera into every Tesla in the bumper because then you don't need a sound signal to tell you oh yeah you're really close to the wall now stop and we pretty much know that Tesla is going to do that with the SBO truck and likely with the refresh model 3 it's not here yet but it will probably come later maybe once the model y also gets refreshed I'm not sure here are some pictures showing Tesla's progress with this lithium refinery plant from Joe tagm so big shout out goes to Joe tagm on X and uh there is certainly some progress it's only been a little while but there's certainly some progress here oh the national Transportation safety board is calling on automakers to install antip speeding technology in all new cars and trucks following a multi-vehicle crash last year at a minimum they want the vehicle to at least warn the driver that the vehicle is speeding but I think if you're are going really fast you know

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