Elon Musk’s Tesla To Launch Battery Storage Factory In India | Business Plus | News9 (Video)

Tesla's hoping that will start its battery Manufacturing in India very soon perhaps yes that is what the report says so it's not really going to be battery manufacturing as I read at Twitter it's going to be uh battery storage okay and energy storage so what Tesla is proposing to something called Power wall is that it comes into India and it is going to set up plants and large scale photo you know photovoltaic cell sort of plants which are capturing the solar energy this is in the space of renewable you capture the solar energy you store it and then you transmit that to the grids so I think Tesla for sure is trying to make inroads into India if not immediately through selling Tesla cards and that of course is a separate story altogether then at least get some sort of an entry into India and set up some project in India we've seen Tesla cars we've seen starlink reports of starlink wanting to come to India we've seen enough and more reports of that of Elon musk's team coming and having discussions you know with the ministry of Power with the ministry of heavy Industries with industry Minister piyush koel as well and really trying to enter India and now this power wall becomes this new technology where you store solar energy and put it transmitted back into the grids and power up households and Industry so it's going to be a battery storage Factory that's right all right so those of course are fresh plants that Tesla has for India remember it's currently exporting almost 1 billion worth components from India likely to double that up to 2 billion worth as of next year that is what the government is saying of course at this point we'll have to wait and watch but Tesla's also uh you know betting big on India after Apple we don't know how plans will come into fruition if at all or not but those are interesting important stories that we continue to track