Elon’s Lack of Concentration on Tesla (Video)

oh the question of is Elon enough concentrated on Tesla good question I don't believe in CEOs that check on employees from nine to five never did that in my own businesses don't believe it at all in in Tesla's business one example I always like to cite here is how many times has Elon been in Shanghai at the factory since 2019 once is that the most efficient Factory there is it is so is elon's presence necessary at the Shanghai Factory no it isn't I mean the proof is in the pudding Elon is there for strategy and he's actually not CEO it's techno King but it may be very precise and I think he's doing that no matter whatever else XI or whatever else is coming I think the the main strategies and the impact on new product development on seeing the future bringing the company in the right directions making the decisions necessary for those is still there now does that mean that he's got a pass on everything no I do believe there are a couple of things that that need his media detention 4680 was not rolled out as quickly as I think it should have done I think communication and and education by Tesla can still improve hope there's something coming but I'm not sure it's his time at X or Twitter that bring with it that it's not going as quickly as I wish it would go I just think it is his focus on other priorities that brings with it that some of the ones I would like to see happen don't happen so I'm not concerned I'm actually thinking that his investment in X is really necessary for America and for the whole Western world and the way we like to see democracy so if it's an Arbitrage to do I think he did the right thing