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well voting is underway over the tentative labor deal between the UAW and General Motors at this point the results look like they're going to be down to the wire here break down the latest we have yaho finances PR Superman and pross this seemed like it was a done deal like maybe there were some pockets of trouble but even in the past day the Dynamics seem to be changing yeah I mean it's changing by the moment as we speak and as of uh 10 minutes ago 15 minutes ago we were looking at the GM UAW tracker and right now the deal is on track rack to be ratified as of right now uh had a big plan Arlington Texas uh vote over 60% for the deal that brings the overall total to 54% to 46% as you see right now with 30,000 31,000 voters voting I'm sorry voters members voting of 47,000 total GM workers so there's still a bunch more workers to go earlier today several big plants voted against the deal they were unhappy with it with the sort of the particulars of it and showing their displeasure and it's it was a concern for GM and also UAW leadership who who sort of uh bang the drama this is a historic deal we're so happy to get it passed it's not getting the sort of message that they that they wanted it receiv received at certain at some of the plants so if this gets ratified by the majority are all of the union members still subject to it or can a particular Plant say no we don't want to do it it's a simple majority once it's ratified all the plants all the workers have to abide by this Rule and a lot of temporary workers are very happy with this because they're going to be absorbed into that mix and also uh get much higher pay actually more actually by a percentage Point higher than some of the older veteran workers and that's sort of the point of contention with a lot of GM workers right now PR thank you so much for that appreciate it great to have you on set

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