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Tesla stock is up ten percent after Morgan Stanley upgraded Tesla's price rating from 250 to 400 so I think that the company should be seen as more than a car company and has become an AI company this is the third highest rise in Tesla stock price in a single trading day since 27 January 2023 when the stock was up 11 after Tesla's recent rally some of you may be wondering should I continue holding on to my Tesla stock or sell some to recognize my gains this is a decision you're gonna make for yourself and it depends on whether you're a Trader or long-term investor for me I see buying Tesla stock today and holding on to it like buying Apple stock before iPhone Apple Tesla before then was seen as a highly successful personal computer company before the iPhone came today Tessa is recognized as a strong EV company however change is coming people are recognizing that Dojo supercomputer is giving Tesla a huge advantage in solving autonomy fsd12 is showing that with a lot less lines or codes the car is able to solve a lot by itself it's not perfect but it's getting towards there we've got Robo taxis we've got Tesla board coming in a decade I believe that our kids will not recognize Tesla as a car company just like our kids today do not recognize apple as a personal computer company only over time I also see that many other institutional investors well recognize Tesla as an AI company and as a technology company that means they'll shift their mindsets from PE ratios of Automotive companies B benchmarked against P ratios of tech companies growth rates of tech companies when that happens we will continue to see a virtual cycle when Tesla stock continues to rise the journey ahead is tough Tesla stock is very volatile with a lot of swings up and down even this year alone I believe that volatility does not mean higher risk it just means for us as retail investors we need a longer time Horizon to realize our gains I'm curious to hear from you how do you feel right now let me know down in the comments if you found this video useful please click the like button hit subscribe to stay updated for more videos on Tesla if you'd like to learn more from retail and institutional investors on how they view Tesla stock come join us at teslacon Singapore on 11 November 2023 a Saturday at passer panjang Power Station you can buy early bird tickets right now at tessacon sg.com I'll see you there

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