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so I think long-term Tesla is an incredible investment on the short term Tesla has these headwinds with higher rates retooling the factory so I think if your goal is one to two months you know I don't know about Tesla but I think if your goal is over the next three to five years Tesla is as good of investment as ever and and it's just a high valued stock I I'm not a big fan of unions for many reasons if you work at Tesla you might get paid less than dollars but you get stock options and when the company performs and goes up fifteen hundred percent in four or five years those employees did extremely well at Tesla it's pay for performance now if you're got the same pay at Ford the problem is Ford stock hasn't gone anywhere ever so you know four union members aren't saying give a stock they're saying give us cash you know and and that's the difference between a really exciting Growth Company and an old Industrial company that's on the throes of you know sort of the end of its existence in this video a new data shows Tesla retail stock investors are outsmart adding the big money on Wall Street Tesla Paul Ross Gerber talks Tesla and the implosion of GM Ford and stalantis continues to accelerate and check the link to the pin comment if you guys and girls would like to access a ton of exclusive content probably close to 400 exclusive videos across X and patreon plus early access to my daily YouTube uploads and plenty more click the links below or don't I won't be mad what kind of risk tolerance does one have to have for Tesla right now I think the chart's fascinating over the last three years we've got the downtrend After Highs but the uptrend off the lows by my armchair technical uh analysis so Ross it looks like we've got maybe a month before this thing's got either break up or down which way you think it's going to go I think I might already know the answer well I you know I'm not going to tell you which way Tesla Stock's gonna go I mean you know I wish I knew that for sure but you know we work around valuations and Tesla's still one of the highest valued stocks in the market based off its forward PE ratio Tesla has a lot of things going for like the Cyber truck launch and a great article today in the Wall Street Journal about how the mega packs have really stabilized the electrical grid this summer and helped Texas and California avoid blackouts and all the utilities that are investing and Tesla energy Battery Systems which are just revolutionary our Energy System once again just want to take this opportunity to reminding businesses don't sleep on Tesla energy this is something that is ignored by just about everyone predominantly because the big ticket items the grid scale storage products aren't retail products this business continues to scale in the background barely noticed and relative to Tesla's current Automotive business it's a spec but it's growing at a staggering rate as we know in the past Elon Musk himself has said you can see the energy business growing to be as big as the automotive business that same Automotive business that Tesla's aiming to do 20 million vehicles per year in 2030 just saying so I think long-term Tesla is an incredible investment on the short term Tesla has these headwinds with higher rates retooling the factory so I think if your goal is one to two months you know I don't know about Tesla but I think if your goal is over the next three to five years Tesla is as good of investment as ever and it's just a high valued stock so a couple of things first of all imagine having a one to two month time Horizon and thinking you're an investor but to Ross's point three to five years long term Tesla looking very good that being said actually quite strongly disagree with Ross's point about Tesla being a high-valued company this would be true if the only thing Tesla did and more importantly would do in the future was produce electric vehicles and sell them but that's the tip of the iceberg and I mean the tip of the iceberg the Big Value beneath the surface the stuff that Tes is currently in the progress of developing running away with the data flywheel autonomy FSD Robo taxis the humanoid robot expanding the global labor market their own AI training chip you've heard the Spiel this stuff at this point in time in my opinion the stock market isn't even considering when I say the stock market I'm referring to Big institutional investors the big money because retail investors seem to get it on this topic saw this on X a couple of days ago absolutely spot on Wall Street doesn't pay for aspiration that's why there are so many retail millionaires now from Tesla I'm sure you guys have heard me trolling relentlessly well I don't know where to stick that in my spreadsheet therefore I'm going to ignore it that is the way of a big investor it's hilarious I just don't get it Gary black commenting on this exactly I don't include any evaluation from Robo taxi Optimus or FSD licensing deals in my Tesla 320 price Target imagine if any one of those three upside options hits this is Wall Street in a nutshell by the way as I've said in the past Wall Street would prefer to wait until they are turkey slapped in the face with a huge opportunity that has now already taken place as opposed to signing a probability that occurs ahead of time and valuing accordingly which may or may not explain why Tesla stock today is still down give or take about 40 from all term highs with the company on the cusp of solving autonomy and looking a decade trillion dollar opportunity the V12 FSD demo absolute tumbleweeds from Wall Street how many price targets changed as a result of that zero maybe half a price Target if you count the Adam Jonas Morgan Stanley price Target increase to 400 bucks per share but that wasn't predominantly on fsdv12 that was on dojo as a service and this is the point per the post on X this is why there's so many millionaire retail investors in Tesla because they saw things occurring before they'd taken place invested accordingly so what Wall Street is literally waiting to get turkey slapped in the face with reality after it's happened and only then can it appear in a spreadsheet in an evaluation a lot of retail investors are looking going here in a minute who else could solve autonomy who has the data fly but oh wait no one okay hmm interesting what about that humanoid robot it's a long way off but bro instead of running away with an unassailable lead there too what happens when Tesla does have excess training compute and can do Dojo as a service what happens when Tesla does begin licensing FSD to the first the second the third and then the 30th automotive manufacturer this is again just the head scratching party understand it in Wall Street world you're not allowed to do anything you're not allowed to do and you're allowed to do something that involves thinking about something that hasn't yet happened and assuming there's a probability will happen assigning a probability and value accordingly instead you just have to sit there and wait go well I'm just going to ignore this because it hasn't actually taken place yet I'm going to ignore all the signs that it's likely to take place I'm going to ignore the probability that it does take place I'm going to ignore the fact that no one else is going to be able to solve this for years I'm just going to ignore all that because that's the Wall Street way and believe me I am more than okay with this because when the big money does realize oh oh that decade trillion dollar opportunity that all those on the interwebs kept talking about now there's proof that they've unlocked it as opposed to an extremely high probability that they will now that there's proof I guess we were to buy some Tesla stock because we can now stick that in our spreadsheet and now suddenly our valuation for Tesla has quadrupled in the span of three milliseconds next minute the big money piles in next minute to the moon now this may not happen but if it does that's probably what went down so while wall Street's waiting for the big turkey slap retail Tesla stock investors have already seen what's coming check this out days on which Tesla was one of the top three most popular stocks with retail investors all the way back to January 2020. the short story here from roughly mid 2022 Tesla stock has on average been the most popular stock among retail investors and on the very few days when it wasn't number one it was either two or in the rare case number three now what could possibly explain this the strong buying really began around April to May 2022 wonder what happened around April to May 2022 from all-time high closing price we saw a huge plunge Tesla stock collapsing throughout April and May 2022 down approximately 50 from all-time high closing price since then it went lower and lower and lower with an absolute collapse late 2022 beginning 2023 at an absurdly low check it out 108 per share let's see if there's a correlation spoiler alert yes in short Tesla retail investors have been buying the dip and that's putting it lightly look at this essentially since Tesla began to fall from all-time highs retail began buying as it continued to collapse more retail buying and this is just insane as we saw October November a huge collapse in Tesla stock valuation and since that point Tesla stocks on almost every day been the most popular stock purchase among all retail investors and why did it get so cheap because while retailing rituals were buying the nip institutional investors were causing dip by dumping Tesla stock this has been quite the wealth exchange and I have to hand it to retail investors this is some 400 IQ right here not actually I mean this is some 100 IQ but it seems like on average retail investors on Earth tend to agree that Tesla may be one of the best if not the best risk adjusted opportunities in the stock market right now and has been since late 2022 not to mention Tesla running away with an unassailable lead in terms of autonomy well on track for 20 million EVS per year the Rover taxis The Optimist spot and again I just want to bring things full circle and remind you guys what Gary black was commenting on by the way I love Gary but I also don't value Tesla the way Gary does because I am willing to put things in my spreadsheet before I've been turkey slapped with actual numbers from reality and again this is why there's so many millionaire and multi-millionaire Tesla retail investors in my opinion take a good look anyone here happen to have been buying Tesla stock on any of these days over the last call nearly three years I sure have anyway let's take a moment all hold hands and pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that wall Street's gonna leave everything alone for now and we'll still have an opportunity to continue buying nearly 40 off all-time highs for a little or longer once the robo taxi is awaken look the out what do you think about the note from Deutsche Banks analyst about them coming up Shy maybe a couple hundred thousand on deliveries for the year I mean I think it's a waste of energy you know Tesla's going to deliver you know 1.8 to 2 million cars they're the dominant player in the EV space and now with the Ford you know uh plant on hold and you know basically competitors sort of Dying by the wayside here um Tesla's going to come out of this interest rate cycle in a stronger position than the other car companies especially many of the EV competitors which need Capital so the FED is inadvertently helping you know Tesla a lot in continuing its dominant position in EV business but worrying about a couple of hundred cars 100 000 cars this that you know it's this is a company that went from selling a hundred thousand cars a year or five or six years ago to now almost two million and on track to you know continue to grow at 40 50 rate so that's Tesla couldn't agree more with Ross on this the number of I gave about short-term fluctuations in Tesla's quarterly delivery numbers zero the number of I give about the long-term Trend all of them if Tesla has a plan land Factory shutdowns which they do which they did and they told us ahead of time and there's going to be a reduction or a Slowdown or a flatlining of deliveries quarter over quarter it's a complete non-event it doesn't matter it's completely irrelevant in the future there will also be shut Downs for upgrades changes and so on those two will be irrelevant what I care about is how close is Tesla to meeting their goal of 20 million Vehicles produced per year roughly by the end of this decade a little fluctuation one quarter to the next isn't going to change that and focusing on the short term is a great way to miss the long-term opportunity I agree with Ross completely total waste of energy not even trying to predict as a deliveries this quarter why bother I don't care I'm much more interested in trying to predict roughly when Rover tax is awaken and Tesla's humanoid robot will be able to do useful labor even in Tesla's own factories and then outside of Tesla's factories but hey that's just me some guy on the Internet it's a fair point and as far as foreign GM go I can't imagine that their situation doesn't help Tesla to some degree any read on the workers at Tesla I mean is there any risk that this bleeds over there at all no no no no no no no look I I'm not a big fan of unions for many reasons if you work at Tesla you might get paid less than dollars but you get stock options and when the company performs and goes up fifteen hundred percent in four or five years those employees did extremely well at Tesla it's pay for performance now if you're got the same pay at Ford the problem is Ford stock hasn't gone anywhere ever so you know four union members aren't saying give a stock they're saying give us cash you know and and that's the difference between a really exciting Growth Company and an old Industrial company that's on the throes of you know sort of the end of its existence you know so why wouldn't the union just take stock well they don't want it you know Russ is absolutely nail it here and for those of you who don't know I've been covering this absolute show at Legacy Automotive manufacturers with the union strikes both on patreon and X in exclusive content you don't want to miss anything check the links to be in comment to join both platforms I've been posting near daily updates so much drama going on but the short story is this GM Ford and stalantis Chrysler gigantic Titanics already having collided with an iceberg and currently sinking to the bottom of the ocean the president of the UAW right now is firing cannons into the hulls of the Titanics to put even more holes so they sink even faster and many on board think these cannons are helping oh and then there was the whole big guy you know the ten percent that guy yep pouring gasoline on the fire by attending some of the strikes and stoking the Flames telling the unionized workers they deserve more which is going to motivate them more to strike more and demand more and ultimately get fired sooner because the companies they work for can't afford to keep them anymore and or go bankrupt insane one other thing you did say there which is that the competition Dying by the wayside and I'm thinking about elon's comments about how the strikes could drive foreign GM into bankruptcy he said something similar about rivian's cash flow I know you're not a rivian hater by any means but they just put in a display a rivian outlet right across the street from Tesla here in the Gold Coast Chicago so it kind of seems like maybe the truck side perhaps Tesla might be losing the edge a bit well we haven't had the Cyber truck come out and that's what I think they're they're really you know working really hard on because people want rivians here in LA rivians are selling very well in La most Tesla owners are upgrading to rivian trucks you know if they want a truck because they can't get a cyber truck right now and you know so we're seeing rivian do very well I I do look at them as a competitor to Tesla on the truck side but I think there's enough room for obviously both companies to be wildly successful but I'm very bullish on rivian as a product as a as a company and and because elon's alienated so many Tesla owners many are looking for other EVS to buy and rivian's been the direct beneficiary of you know elon's X Adventure so you know rivian is spending a lot of money but we expect our cash flow numbers to improve or cash for losses to improve over the next year dramatically as they scale production so you know I'm not counting ribbian out I'm looking at the stock very closely in here I do think they need to raise cap Capital maybe one more time but but boy what a great brand and Company Caribbean is okay I wouldn't give Vivian more than about a 50 chance of surviving the decade certainly orders of magnitude more than most other EV startups they've got a decent product still bleeding a lot of money but they may be able to carve out a decent Niche and continue to sell their lifestyle vehicles to Consumers but remember well Tesla has successfully done rivian are still attempting to do Tesla made near impossible look relatively straightforward don't underestimate the difficulty of the challenge ahead of rivian and all EV startups but that said of all EB startups I'm aware of Vivian certainly in a much better position than most by the way you guys remember when rivie and IPO had nearly 130 billion dollars I made a bunch of videos uh what the bro seriously doesn't make sense Red Alert well today rivian currently around 20 billion dollars slightly less absurd but still they need to perform multiple Miracles just to survive and get to cash flow positive good luck uh for 10 suck going into the end of the year Ross where do you see its connection overall to the economy because it seems like that we are getting some optimistic signs but then we also just went through a period of price Cuts so it seems like Tesla is vulnerable at all um how bad do things have to get for them to start slashing prices again what does that relationship look like to you I mean if they slash prices again I'm just gonna like I don't know freak out well when Tesla does cut prices again because they will it's in their master plan I look forward to Ross running for the board of directors again now I'm sure what Ross is referring to here is slashing prices over the short term as opposed to passing along cost savings I don't mean too much of a douche here I'm sure that's his intended meaning but guys girls you have to get used to it Tesla will continue to cut prices on their vehicles on average over time that's the only way they get to 20 million vehicle sold per year as I've said in the past demand is not the issue affordability is and certainly there are many consumers out there today who don't know about electric vehicles they don't understand the benefits but there are enough consumers out there that are already buying Teslas that Tesla's still selling every vehicle they produce and the more electric vehicles on roads especially Teslas the more people learn about them from a friend neighbor colleague family member to hear the perks they go for test drive oh man it's way cheaper to own and operate did you know that you didn't oh well cool now you do they're safer too did you know that no well now you do this has been going on since day one at Tesla it will continue and remember Tesla doesn't operate in a bubble well Tesla Cuts prices every other company that is sustaining 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 000 losses per vehicle sold by the way I'm not exaggerating there are literally companies today selling electric vehicles losing more than a hundred thousand dollars per electric vehicle sold actually even Ford last we heard about sixty thousand US dollars per electric vehicle sold Tesla's still making about 20 as Tesla passes on cost savings and all Cuts prices further it doesn't just affect Tesla it affects every other company trying to sell electric vehicles to Consumers and already losing insane amounts of money meaning they'll lose more money meaning they decide to either slow down or continue to selling at the same pace and lose more money and then go bankrupt sooner it puzzles me that a lot of people seem to think that Tesla exists in a bubble and that they're not dictating pricing in the entire industry but they are remember Tesla's plan is very simple make their products better and cheaper and that's not just once when you get to step two you go back to the start make it better and then make it cheaper then make it better then make it cheaper then better cheaper better cheaper better cheaper better cheaper next minute you won the decade and then next that is their plan so don't be surprised when we see this happen I guess you guys missed yesterday's video right now in Australia to buy the new model 3 or the current model y it's about half the price of a comparable pole star vehicle and last we heard pole Stars losing about 50 per vehicle sold what happens if Tesla Cuts prices even more and Polestar needs to compete with teza on price and they already got because they're charging about twice as much exactly this is the same story throughout the EV industry it's not pretty unless you're Tesla so as the UAW continues to do an excellent job in accelerating the bankruptcy of the Detroit three four GM and stalantis Ross Gerber remains very bullish on Tesla over the long term makes two of us and new data shows that retail investors have been loading the up on Tesla stock literally on almost every day of the last 12 months Tesla the number one purchase by retail stock investors man imagine if you had a time machine and you go back and start a channel on YouTube for retail stock investors about Tesla before oh yeah anyway are no such thing as a time machine so um no point finishing that thought let me know in the comments below anyone watching been behind the dip or it's just me athletic greens81 has given me a massive meaningful boost in energy allowing me to do a lot more every day including using my brain more and using my body more I highly recommend you guys and girls check it out athletic greens81 is an excellent way to fill in nutritional gaps it's got 75 high quality vitamins and minerals and Whole Foods Source nutrients plus prebiotics and probiotics and digestive enzymes and adaptogens to help you deal with stress plus if you click the link in the pinned comment or head to drink ag1.com SMR you can get yourself a one year free supply of vitamin D3 and K2 but don't take my word for it here's what some of you guys and girls have to say ag1 has changed my life I was as you described treating myself like a circus ate like trash really exercised use alcohol as a stress crutch cannabis also ag1 is what gave me the kick in the ass got me back to the gym motivated me to do more for myself family my business Etc keep doing what you do now I know there's some Skeptics the same kind of people who think Elon Musk is a fraud there's no way that's possible bro it must be a placebo effect believe it or not this is a recurring theme if you give your body everything it needs to feel and perform its best including having a lot more energy you'll need ways to use that energy for me personally that includes more exercise moving my body more more social activity and more cognitively demanding tasks including producing a ton of exclusive content over on Twitter and on patreon plus my daily YouTube uploads the proofs in the pudding on to another testimonial from a viewer of this channel SMR you asked me to provide feedback on ag1 here it is it has helped with mental acuity stamina and intestinal Waste Management uh can't read between the lines certainly helps with regularity and digestion that's what the digestive enzymes are for it has also dramatically reduced my cravings for sugar you guys need to stop eating sugar it's poison I'm 50 5 9 and overweight AKA a fat I think that's a technical term for overweight isn't it is it fat or obese I can't remember I average 100 hours a week in the west Texas oil fields as a safety supervisor Jesus Christ dude no wonder you're struggling to keep your weight under control 100 hours a week brutal it has helped me lose weight it is not an appetite suppressant it can help fat people suppress cravings and motivation to be healthier is critical for changing your diet love you brother again this is a great point and something people really don't seem to grasp if you have more energy everything becomes easier it's like turning on easy mode for Life a few years ago before I was taking ag1 my health was trash I was struggling to get through the day had afternoon fatigue the last thing I wanted to do was either use my brain or move my body didn't have the energy now my biggest struggle every day is figuring out ways to use that energy I'm exercising way more doing a lot more with my friends and family and of course my work output has increased substantially and you can fact check me check out the average length of my videos I was posting to YouTube three years ago Neato say more and one final testimonial love this one okay here's the deal for me with this ag1 I'm 41 years old and not the type to eat drink smoke or sleep healthy so I was skeptical that being said here's what I experienced day one meh day two after noon fatigue was about 45 minutes late day three zero afternoon fatigue day four zero afternoon fatigue plus extra energy day five again zero afternoon fatigue plus energy wondering what the really see this is the thing right there is also many people are just almost too good to be true this is the same experience I had my afternoon fatigue just finished out of nowhere I'm like wait what the why am I not tired in the afternoons anymore surely it's not that easy one is it turns out it was day six and seven same thing day eight same thing plus I had the want to get things done around the house that I normally would slack off and not get done again the point extra energy you'll need to use it you'll find ways to use it day 9 10 and 11 and today is day 12. I love it so however you manage to get me to buy it I'm so glad you did thank you so much SMR it really changed me so far guys this really works just try it by the way this is the reason I continue to relentlessly promote ag1 a lot of people get real mad in the comments oh my God Snicker salmon sold out oh my God he's a scammer this is fraud but constant only I'm pretty sure everyone making these comments is also currently short Tesla stock I'm not particularly concerned about people having a negative perception those folks suffering from small brain syndrome still living in my bumps basement syndrome Etc writing mean comments claiming ag1 is a scam or it doesn't work I mean bro when I get feedback like this this is what keeps me going and remember there is a 90-day money-back guarantee there's nothing to lose here just try this stuff for a month and if you don't get these results get your money back see it's a literal no-brainer it's an IQ test at this point in time testimonial after testimonial after testimonial like this get your money back if it doesn't just try it for a month and if it doesn't work get your money back today's the day it's finally time be like this guy who was a massive skeptic but finally after a thousand promotions in a row caved in tried ag1 and has results like this head to drink ag1.com SMR or click the link in the pin comment and please let me know how you're feeling in a few weeks time now if you'll excuse me time to put my extra energy to good use I'll be recording some more exclusive content for patreon and my Twitter subscribers so click the links to pin comment see you over on Twitter and or patreon and don't forget to go February G1 love you

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