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in this video we are discussing lucid's fatal mistake don't get me wrong they have made a lot of errors but one in particular and that is to over promise and under deliver to the pickiest of customers the one thing Lucid could not afford to screw up they have I'm going to be reacting to an ex Lucid owner who's explaining why he has sold his steaming pile of lucid first of all the trip down memory lane shout out to all the dmfs who thought it was a great idea to buy Lucid stock and I know many who are watching and have learned a very painful lesson P.S Stephen why does it mean way to meet people all the time you're so rude why are you so mean to people the reason is to stop people doing dumb like for example buying loose at stock around 55 US dollars per share Peak Insanity since Peak Insanity down over 90 percent and it's not like I'm just looking back in time after the fact that you can see if you bought loose then you're a dumbass because you see here's the thing I've been calling this company out from day one raising a lot of red flags Lucid investors God lucid and Nicola are super Lucid Motors in big trouble Lucid is a time bomb Lucid SEO admits Tesla has no competition is lucid a threat to Tesla's spoiler alert I'll save you the 18 minutes no his Lucid Motors doomed two years ago ah by the way spoiler alert doomed and also making misleading statements I mean even Elon warns lucid and rivien headed for bankruptcy I also took the time to roast some dumb analysts who were recommending investors buy Lucid stock not Tesla also some world-class trolling Lucid Motors the next Tesla again I'll spoil this video and save you 15 minutes no warning Lucid Motors big red flags Manuka keep going Lucid mode is in deep blah blah blah okay and I really do mean I could keep going Lucid life to you these screwed investors you get the point I want to be clear I'm not a hater I want all of these companies to be successful however I am an observer who has a brain who uses his brain observes and then comments and shares his observations and my observations have been quite consistent from day one Lucid has been making outrageous comments about future production plans price points and volume that were never going to happen again look at my Archive of lucid videos feel free to fact check me they've been lying to misleading and deceiving investors that's one thing separately you may have heard me describe the fact that they need to climb multiple Mount everests blindfolded naked with no water or food just to survive apparently production is hard it now appears that lucid are failing to even sell a fraction of the vehicles they initially planned to and this today's video the cherry on the top of the turd that is lucid Motors it would be wonderful if Lucid survived but on this channel opium and copium are not on the menu I suspect the likelihood of lucid going bankrupt is now in excess of 98.69420 percent I wish it weren't so but I'm not here to sugarcoat things by the way just a quick heads up to my ex subscribers and patreon subscribers submissions are open now for two new exclusive q and A's on both platforms so now is the time to get your questions in and if you're not already remember click the link to the pinned comment to join and submit your questions now I sold my Lucid air here's why hopefully this will be an informative video about how Tesla's competition is coming all over themselves not for Tesla Link in description to the full video haven't watched it yet but I thought we'd run through this together and I'll react to some of the comments some of the reasons as to why out of spec Dave has sold his Lucid air about a month ago I actually filmed a I wish video I wish my loser did this I wish my loser did that so what I thought I would do is go back to that little archive and publish all of those I wishes I've subsequently decided to sell the Lucid there's lots of little things here and there but it's a great car it's just ultimately my decision to sell it really came down to charging infrastructure a lot of people don't understand that because all they do is they charge their cars at home but in my case I really road trip a lot and I'm just so frustrated with the anxiety is I have I mean today I rented a pole star yesterday when we went to the poster I pulled into the Naples EA station and two out of the four stations are down and there's only four stations in all of Southwest Florida so we're going to talk about this one I'm sure most of you guys and girls watching know if the charging station isn't a Tesla supercharging station it probably sucks harder than a vacuum and you'll be lucky to find about half the charges actually working no exaggeration the non-teser charging networks globally are absolute horse unreliable buggy plug your vehicle in starts charging three seconds later it stops you've kind of got your copy you're taking a whiz Etc you come back it's like what the three percent hurt what can't get your card to work can't get the app to work connect is broken interfaces broken screens off you've got a 404 error or Windows blue screen of death on the charger terrible experience this is one of the obvious reasons why Automotive manufacturers with a brain have begun partnering like crazy with Tesla to not only gain access to approximately half their current North American superchargers in other parts of the world even higher numbers but also to start putting the Tesla North American charging standard on their vehicles either next year or the following year so that users can pull into a Tesla Supercharger and not need an adapter to plug straight in charge and get the out of there now before we get any further Lucid air what was the big selling point about lucid air oh that's right long range we've just heard from Dave but he is experiencing anxiety taking road trips in an electric vehicle that purports to have the best longest range of any vehicle on the market how the does that work answer because Lucid doesn't have a Tesla supercharging Network this is a big problem this may be one of the many reasons it appears that lucid are struggling to sell vehicles they're currently producing very bad site now if Lucid have any sense at all they'll have watched this video they'll be taking notes and they'll be taking action but I'm not sure Lucid does have any sense back to the video about our CCS so I'm just tired of it I really bought that car to have the ultimate Road Tripper and it's got the longest range it's got the fastest charging but the infrastructure is terrible yeah there you go I called it I mean it's literally advertised as having the best Range Superior charging speed and so on this is why he buys it buys it as a road Tripper because of the range and the fast charging speed yet the infrastructure basically non-existent therefore a terrible experience again it goes to show what a master stroker was for Tesla to build out their own charging Network now everyone's crawling to Tesla except Lucid funnily enough to gain access and on top of that there's no strategic direction from Lucid right now as far as what they're doing with respect to nacs and the support for Tesla Supercharger also true Lucid have not announced the partnership to gain access to Tesla superchargers or to start using the North American charging standard in their future vehicles I understand why Lucid have positioned themselves as even better than Tesla that's their whole Market position super luxurious very high-end you've heard the Spiel unicorn tears in the wiper fluid wooly mammoth pubes in the stitching of the seats it'll add as many inches as you need vertically or horizontally buy a lucid tell everybody that you're awesome and you can afford an expensive vehicle so if Lucid were to announce a partnership with Tesla they'd kind of have some egg on their face wouldn't they because why would Lucid who are superior to Tesla that's why you buy Lucid be adopting Tesla's inferior charging standard and why would lucid drivers by using Tesla's inferior charging Network you folks may recall I've had this file sitting on my computer it's almost as if I've discussed the Lucid versus the Tesla charging infrastructure previously and for some who how dare that's so rude is that a turd so this is from an investor presentation to lurian Dopey retail investors to buy the next Tesla which is lucid obviously from 2021 they have an entire page in this presentation the Tesla Supercharger Network versus Lucid strategy with Electrify my Tesla Supercharger Network first we have a perception of advantage that's right Tesla doesn't actually have a first move Advantage just the perception of an advantage that's right they were first they have the most comprehensive efficient effective and advanced charging network but that's only a perception of an advantage highly Capital intensive true 400 volt first generation system lucid's better we have the latest system maximum 250 kilowatts with latest three units unique closed Source system that ironically now everyone is currently organizing access to versus the elicit Electrify my partnership second mover Advantage a reality the yes being second and not having built out your own network but partnering with a piece of that's unreliable and doesn't work is an advantage according to Lucid a capex light solution that is true 900 volt second generation system therefore better maximum 350 kilowatts therefore better open source CCS combo connector modern EVS are migrating to ultra high voltage architectures EG Porsche at 800 volt Lucid at over 900 volts Tesla system and vehicles adopted 400 volt larger as a consequence of earlier technology therefore Lucid better so again this is what Lucid we're telling investors back in 2021 and now Lucid are being met with the cold harsh reality by the way how good is that drawing back to the video so I threw in the towel in the car wireless charging I mean I put my phone in there I got an iPhone 14 pro Max whatever whatever and you know you you just it doesn't charge my phone unless it's in a certain exact spot kind of awkward for a super high-end Ultra Premium luxury vehicle I mean look In fairness there are some situations in life where you really do need to get something and just hit it in the exact right spot to get the desired result but a wireless phone charger should not be one of those situations it's really not not well designed I do have a small case on my phone uh clear case and the other the other sort of part about this I wish is I wish that these these the USBC and the USB a ports I mean bruh I didn't even need to wait I know exactly what it's going to say these are very inaccessible look there's an obstruction in the way I'm sure I could make another reference about trying to slide in and find the exact right spot again but this is just not user friendly and when you're trying to when you're trying to plug one in you can't you got to like lean forward and it's hard to put them in there's a couple there's a couple of scratches there that that I think either I or the previous owner made maybe it's not so bad but they're just hard to plug in right right there once you get them in it's fine that may be nitpicky but but this wireless charging in the phone of the phone is just not it doesn't hey it doesn't work and with my case on the phone I gotta jam it in there and it's it's hard to reach God damn it data I'm really resisting The Edge to make highly inappropriate comments sorry let's say charging sucks it's a very obvious slow-hanging fruit for better design I mean this isn't basic right here I'm sure that lucid have spent a lot of time engineering other stuff and I don't want to be too hard on the company except for the fact that they're charging an absolute ton for these vehicles and they have positioned themselves as Ultra Premium I don't know what the investor presentation had some dumb like post luxury blank stain premium I don't even know but the whole point the expectations of a consumer buying a lucid vehicle are very different to those buying a Tesla vehicle because they're paying about twice as much money you expect little things like this to be Flawless that's why you're spending the extra money and of all the things you'd want to work besides the actual vehicle being a good drive being safe Etc I mean functional wire wireless charging on your phone probably right up the top right it's 2023 after all so I wish they had redesigned this this little center console area all right here's another I wish Lucid did this is this really the interface it's 20 23 bro oh this thing looks like it's about eight years old this looks like a default straight out of Android or something and again I wouldn't be so hard if this wasn't Lucid but it's Lucid they're supposed to be better sleeker more luxurious opulent everything better oh yeah yeah and again I wouldn't be such a harsh critic were it not for the price tag and the way that this company has positioned themselves as bitter than everyone so listen I like carplay and it works well this is waves right over here and uh you know it works great but it doesn't fill up the whole screen I wish that it would fill up the whole screen okay so let's be honest here let's be very honest here the design of the Lucid display is pure wankery it might look cool and slick but when it comes to actually functioning not only is this poorly integrated but it's just it's not going to work there is a reason that Tesla has opted for a standard screen aspect ratio it's a rectangle now of course Lucid could have customized this interface and tweak things a little bit but apparently they didn't quite have the budget to do that this is so awkward and clunky I mean again they're just trying to fit a shape in something that it doesn't belong in this is really clunky not what you would expect in a six figure plus vehicle in 20 23. but one of the other things that I wish is I wish that I could actually show the navigation of the car down here on the lower screen while I keep ways up here on the upper screen and the problem is that if I go over to navigation in this car did anyone notice the lag time between pressing the button and actually having a response that's pretty embarrassing other time just hit it for the first time this morning it's coming up come on you can do it you can do it come on all right holy that should be a little bit snappier in my opinion but that isn't even my wish I mean let it if it takes a little bit of time for it to come up so be it but now what I have is I have my screen up here from the Lucid navigation system and I also have it down here which is which is which is nice I like over here I can use Direction up and over here I can use North up and this screen is actually very nice down below but the problem is that if I want to see the Waze scream then I have to go over to Apple carplay and I get apple carplay here but guess what down there it goes back to the normal screen where I can see things like you know options and air conditioning and all that God dude again I mean this is some basic stuff that they're just not getting right if this was an ultra budget vehicle it would be forgivable but it's not so it's not all right so continuing on the I wish Lucid had series check this out the car is now in Kyle's name so what I want to do is I want to move it over to my name so that it has my settings my seat everything that's associated with me now watch how long this takes all right hello hello David Connor all right my seat hasn't moved yet nothing has changed I'm waiting okay oh now now my seat adjustment is in progress and my mirror is adjusted holy dude that is super embarrassing it's 2023 and this is a six figure plus vehicle in a word embarrassing I mean I don't know why that's not instantaneous I just don't understand that that should be a lot faster when you're listening to for example spot holy did you guys say how laggy that screen is we're gonna go back a sec just look at how the frame rate on these icons swiping across must be like 10 frames a second or something let me go back I wish Lucid when you're listening to for example Spotify let's say you're listening to music if I'm playing a song here and then I go back over to navigation I can't see what the name of the song is that's playing anywhere I mean what a rookie error again this is just 101 for reference anyone who owns an iPhone right now start playing a song lock your phone look at what you can see exactly this isn't even Reinventing the wheel just copy the wheel okay there's lots of great Wheels out there now with features that you can just copy that people expect the thing about technology an electric vehicle a computer on Wheels is the expectations people have it should function equivalent to a smartphone latest generation the same features and functionality all right another I wish Lucid did this or had that this you've heard me complain about if you watch my videos this is just not in a good spot uh the the glass roof is amazing you have this strip over here that that carries this got this cool light bar now I did modify the car I not modify I put in a a dash cam which I have out of the car right now but in putting the dash cam wires in the uh the molding is is a little bit I can't get it to to snap back up but I'm going to have a professional look at that uh but I wish that these these sun visors you could put them out of the way and you you really can't uh when you when you try to move them over here that's fine if the sun is coming from from this direction but if you try to flip it up it kind of it hits my head right here because I'm a tall guy and and I can't leave it there so one of the other things that I I've tried to do is is to kind of flip it I mean you just you just really can't do anything with it and what's what's a shame about this is that in the Tesla Model X the way they designed the the sun visors is they just kind of go away and they've got a little magnet over there this even if you were to put this over here you still have this nasty like hockey puck thing over here that gets in the way of this beautiful glass and it's like they went to all this troubled design this beautiful glass roof and they kind of ruin it with these sun visors now I don't know comment below if you think I'm nuts but they they get in my way and what I tend to do is I tend to put it like that so that when I'm driving down the road it put it then it's close to my head yeah okay I think you guys get the point he's just referenced the model X a much better execution in terms of sun visors hey Lucid just copy the wheel this is a small thing it doesn't affect the drivability then I'll just go get some crazy glue I guess to to put this back down but I I wish I didn't have to do that right I mean it's like you know the old one wrong number in a spreadsheet if if they can't get a piece like this correct what what's going on inside the car that maybe you don't realize that just really this this kind of hurt me like just popping up like that again forgivable if you're not paying well into the six figures for this vehicle and the company is selling it has not positioned it as super high-end premium Ultra Luxury post luxury whatever the they called it now in their defense they haven't produced that many vehicles yet so some of the earlier production vehicles are going to suck but again if you're charging this kind of money you really don't want to have these kind of experiences it's much more forgivable with a budget low end vehicle but how do you think a consumer who pays this amount of money will feel all right so I wish that in stop and build traffic like this I wish the Lucid were a little bit smoother now we're in adaptive cruise right now and I'm not really doing any Highway assist meeting I'm I'm staring at myself but what happens is when I come to a stop the car the car will come to a stop boom and it it's not smooth then when it starts up listen to this yeah it's like click click and and you have to press through it and it sort of it's a little bit jerky and I can tell you even my model 3 kind of really went up close next to that Civic because he's over in the right hand lane it definitely slowed down but a little too close for my comfort I hit the brake there it's just the refinement of the low speed I don't know Kyle I think calls it motor cogging it should be smoother in this car I mean I know the engineers have the ability to fine-tune this anyway my point is smooth it out guys a little bit over at Lucid if you can that'd be nice I think that's the theme of this video hey Lucid XYZ please do that that'd be nice once again you've heard the rant but when you're paying this kind of money for a car and it's positioned itself like this little things like this seems a bit nitpicky but bro you got to get it right otherwise you're gonna have customers selling their vehicles and telling their friends don't buy one here's all the reasons I didn't keep mine PS my model 3 is better my Model X is better and so on you've heard this a couple of times throughout this video right Dave has referenced a model X better execution model 3 smoother he's comparing this vehicle to vehicles that are significantly cheaper yet better awkward so every time I'm on my uh my cell phone and I'm using the hands-free so you know the actual sound from the car everyone everyone says hey Dave can you turn up the volume and it sounds like I'm in um some sort of Alaskan Pipeline or people say Dave it does this the sound quality just doesn't sound good when you're on the speakerphone okay I mean again this is a pretty basic being able to make calls and people being able to hear you while you're making the call this is 101. obviously Lucid has some issues either with the microphones and or the software doing the audio processing the fact that people continuously regularly are commenting on the fact that they can't really hear him on the call and this is bad so I wish that um that lucid could actually you know prove the sound quality for the speakerphone now I'm not really sure where where the pickups are for the sound I can't really see where it is but I don't know just make a little software adjustment for that I think that would be really good I don't have anyone ever complaining when I'm in my model 3. everyone says do you sound like you're on your cell phone yet another comparison to a Tesla vehicle model 3 starting price not even half that of an entry level Lucid last I checked it's just embarrassing it's a simple thing let's get that maybe tuned up a little all right here's a bonus I wish I wish the Lucid had dog mode it does have the ability to keep the uh the the climate on whether you want to keep it on warm or or cool for up to 45 minutes which is great but there's no there's no sign or mention in the car on the screen that your dog is doing okay again copy copy the wheel someone's already invented the wheel the Wheel Works well copy it lose it just copy it just figure it out you guys are super smart I wish a lot of things some people might think that I am uh too nitpicky now look again when you're paying this kind of money you should be nitpicky but even some of the basics not being able to hear audio clearly on hands-free on the phone I mean this is some rookie right there super laggy interface terrible dog charging Network unacceptable issues with the wireless phone charging some brain dead placement of some of the ports to plug I mean this is some 101 stuff here all things that can be fixed over time but bro it appears at this point that lucid have massively over promised and massively under delivered I can completely understand why we're seeing a video now I sold my Lucid air here's why I'm not surprised no wonder Lucid appears to be struggling to sell vehicles just remember folks facts don't care about your feelings there are a lot of people who had a lot of nice feelings about lucid being the next Tesla a lot of folks who like the idea of their high-end premium Vehicles the option for the reclining seats in the back of the car that's a cool feature I've never seen that before the idiotically designed screen look it's got a curve that's so cool and unique the outrageous predictions and projections this company made about future volumes price points sales and so on but unfortunately in this strange place we call reality the odds of any EV startup surviving are close to zero same for legis Automotive manufacturers now that doesn't mean they won't be a few miraculous exceptions to the rule but Tesla has done the near impossible and made it look relatively simple people under appreciate the excruciating difficulty of what Tesla has done now they're on the other side of it running away with the lead with volume extremely profitable compelling technologically advanced Ultra safe Vehicles no one's close and no one's catching up everyone else is currently fighting for a distant second place the scraps and most will go Bank up before they get there and Lucid despite being able to suck from the teeth of the Saudi Investment fund May in fact be one of the very first bankruptcies the latest data seems to suggest that you can't sell their vehicles and this is when they're producing a fraction of the vehicles they originally promised who's surprised to see that happen not the guy who literally said there's no way that would happen when I saw the numbers I were projecting in the future again go fact check me and again I wish them well and again I want to emphasize I think the probability of lucid going bankrupt now is about 98.69420 percent it might survive but I would absolutely not be betting on it I think the best case scenario for Lucid is they approach bankruptcy they sell some technology and or license some tech to some other companies massive consolidation and then eventually maybe if they don't go bankrupt they become a producer maybe of powertrains or maybe of battery packs if they're lucky they are definitely going to need all the luck they can get in about 42 trillion consecutive miracles good luck at 30 greens 81 has given me a massive meaningful boost in energy allowing me to do a lot more every day including using my brain more and using my body more I highly recommend you guys and girls check it out athletic greens81 is an excellent way to fill in nutritional gaps it's got 75 high quality vitamins and minerals and Whole Foods Source nutrients plus prebiotics and probiotics and digestive enzymes and adaptogens to help you deal with stress plus if you click the link in the pin comment or head to drink ag1.com SMR you can get yourself a one-year free supply of vitamin D3 and K2 but don't take my word for it here's what some of you guys and girls have to say ag1 has changed my life I was as you describe treating myself like a circus ate like trash really exercised use alcohol as a stress crutch cannabis also ag1 is what gave me the kick in the ass got me back to the gym motivated me to do more for myself family my business Etc keep doing what you do now I know there's some Skeptics the same kind of people who think Elon Musk is a fraud reading this gone what do you thought there's no way that's possible bro it must be a placebo effect believe it or not this is a recurring theme if to give your body everything it needs to feel and perform its best including having a lot more energy you'll need ways to use that energy for me personally that includes more exercise moving my body more more social activity and more cognitively demanding tasks including producing a ton of exclusive content over on Twitter and on patreon plus my daily YouTube uploads the proofs in the pudding on to another testimonial from a viewer of this channel SMR you asked me to provide feedback on ag1 here it is it has helped with mental acuity stamina and intestinal Waste Management uh can't really turn the lines certainly helps with regularity and digestion that's what the digestive enzymes are for it is also dramatically reduced my cravings for sugar you guys need to stop eating sugar it's poison I'm 50 5 9 and overweight AKA a fat I think that's a technical term for overweight isn't it is it fat or obese I can't remember I average 100 hours a week in the west Texas oil fields as a safety supervisor Jesus Christ dude no wonder you're struggling to keep your weight under control 100 hours a week brutal it has helped me lose weight it is not an appetite suppressant it can help fat people suppress cravings and motivation to be healthier is critical for changing your diet love you brother again this is a great point and something people really don't seem to grasp if you have more energy everything becomes easier it's like turning on easy mode for Life a few years ago before I was taking ag1 my health was trash I was struggling to get through the day had afternoon fatigue the last thing I wanted to do was either use my brain or move my body didn't have the energy now my biggest struggle every day is figuring out ways to use that energy I'm exercising way more doing a lot more with my friends and family and of course my work output has increased substantially and you can fact check me check out the average length of my videos I was posting to YouTube three years ago Neato say more and one final testimonial love this one okay here's the deal for me with this ag1 I'm 41 years old and not the type to eat drink smoke or sleep healthy so I was skeptical that being said here's what I experienced day one mer day two afternoon fatigue was about 45 minutes late day three zero afternoon fatigue day four zero afternoon fatigue plus extra energy day five again zero afternoon fatigue plus energy wondering what the really see this is the thing right there is also many people are just almost too good to be true this is the same experience I had my afternoon fatigue just vanished out of nowhere I'm like wait what the why am I not tired in the afternoons anymore surely it's not that easy one is it turns out it was day six and seven same thing day eight same thing plus I had the want to get things done around the house that I normally would slack off and not get done again the point extra energy you'll need to use it you'll find ways to use it day 9 10 and 11 and today is day 12. I love it so however you manage to get me to buy it I'm so glad you did thank you so much SMR it really changed me so far guys this really works just try it by the way this is the reason I continue to relentlessly promote ag1 a lot of people get real mad in the comments oh my God snickle salmon sold out oh my God he's a scammer this is fraud but constantly I'm pretty sure everyone making these comments is also currently short Tesla stock I'm not particularly concerned about people having a negative perception in those folks suffering from small brain syndrome still living in my bumps basement syndrome Etc writing mean comments claiming ag1 is a scam or it doesn't work I mean bro when I get feedback like this this is what keeps me going and remember there is a 90 day money back guarantee there's nothing to lose here just try this stuff for a month and if you don't get these results get your money back see it's a literal no-brainer it's an IQ test at this point in time testimonial after testimonial after testimonial like this get your money back if it doesn't just try it for a month and if it doesn't work get your money back today's the day it's finally time be like this guy who's a massive skeptic but finally after a thousand promotions in a row caved in tried ag1 and has results like this head to drinkag1.com SMR or click the link in the pinned comment and please let me know how you're feeling in a few weeks time now if you'll excuse me time to put my extra energy to good use I'll be recording some more exclusive content for patreon and my Twitter subscribers so click the links to pin comment see you over on Twitter and or patreon and don't forget to grab your ag1 love ya

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