Meet Kevin Predicts Tesla Stock To Reach $1000 Next Year | Tesla Stock News (Video)

I said I think that ,000 price Target will actually be hit within the next year all right well Kevin does have almost $10 million in Tesla stock in his fund which is 25.5% of his total fund and he is feeling really bullish let's see why he's feeling so and are there any caveats that's because I think we're going to see over the next year as interest rates come down as long as we avoid a recession we would avoid massive job loss I think what we're going to see is a shift from Treasure IES and cash straight into stocks and it'll be growth at any cost again and I actually believe we're going to see massive Euphoria again you've got resident beay cesi kabes letter here or whatever first outflows from treasury funds since February of 2023 okay so what did they buy investors purchased $24 billion of stocks okay imagine when all of this fat turns into buying stocks we're just at the beginning there was another one right here us Commercial Bank deposits fell right because people are buy socks it's getting started between now and the end of next year I think the stock market will start pricing in 2030 which means we price in 1,000 bucks just for the automotive business I will get to Tesla's inflection moment in a second but if all the money really does go from bonds to stocks there is a good possibility that there would be a huge rally and if the interest rates do come down by quite a bit and there's no recession and no one is scared of a recession anymore yeah we could see a huge rally however there's one major problem with predicting what the macro economy is going to do and that is no one does it successfully over a long period of time over an over and over again looking at the world's biggest hedge fund all you can do is just basically even out your returns instead of making a lot of money one year and then losing quite a bit another year you just have steady returns that's the best that you can do otherwise you would have so many funds beating the S&P 500 because you would just St the market you leverage up and you would make a lot more money but the investors that do outperform as np500 are the investors usually that bet on the fundamentals of uh the companies for example like Warren Buffett and the fundamentals of Tesla are incredibly great in the long term so whether Tesla stop breaks out next year or year after after that or 5 years from now or seven years from now it doesn't really matter to me because I'm just buying every single month and my research is telling me that the stock is worth a lot more money right now than what it is trading for and you can see how much I'm willing to pay for Tesla stock on my patreon