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all right assalamualaikum everyone and welcome back to a Pepe video update my One technical Target for a video that I made three days ago has already been met okay so here we go and I just want to show you a recap so that if you're new you get to know that we're doing some real business here and we're not bullshitting out there so uh this is what I said I think so um right now this is what I'm gonna tell you yesterday we talked about a descending triangle so you had this descending triangle you broke to the downside you made one retest he went for another retest and then boom so people are thinking that this pump means anything but come on guys it's clear I told you that's a descending triangle and you have a technical Target to come down here that's a technical Target so it wasn't but I'm gonna say that if you do come up above very simple okay that's all about the recap now if you notice three days ago we were trading at nearly 17 000 and we already touched the technical Target that I gave you and it was actually down near here now it doesn't really end there because there's a bigger descending triangle the smaller descending triangle has already been met so we had uh what did we have this was the descending triangle that I saw right so that was the descending triangle the first one and the technical Target is already met that was the technical Target right over there where we're trading at the moment now you do have unfortunately a bigger descending triangle and history is actually repeating itself what do I mean by history is repeating itself if you look at the first Discerning triangle okay I'm gonna show you so you had the smaller descending triangle notice when you went down you went for the first retest this was the first three test right there and then you went down and you went for another retest that was the second retest and then you finally got rejected to go to the downside isn't this the very same thing you're doing on a higher bigger descending triangle you're doing the very same thing so there's a descending triangle and you did whatever you did like double testing you're doing this very exact same thing so one two the first retest one two and the second retest you are getting hammered right over there how do you draw a hammer like something like this this boom so yeah that's your Hammer right over there you're hammering I kind of like how I drew that I'm really good at drawing anyways here we go descending triangle break to the downside first we start a second retest and I told you yesterday this is one of the most easiest trading pattern that you can have I do believe that having stop loss is going to work so having a stop loss somewhere near above this area is going to be really really better like 18 000 level and if you try to come and take 18 000 then I do believe you're looking for a 21 000 level if you take out eighteen thousand because right now you are under a very big resistance uh let's see if the EMS are actually resisting the prices you can see the 55 is acting as big resistance and the descending triangle resistance is also there acting as the resistance so you actually have a nice shorting opportunity in my opinion and this is going to be a nearly whopping um you know that's a 22 that's really sweet and decent okay we're Traders after all we trade patterns descending triangle rate to the downside re-test retest get get rejected somehow and then boom if this one one can play out this one can also play out it's still logic okay logic and a pattern and the pattern trading with stop losses with risk management with money management so you know how to do that if you're a beginner you don't know how to trade stay away trading is really risky if you don't know anything about trading and if you want to learn about trading hit me up on Twitter as well and uh I do have a 18 hours long course and I can teach you right we're getting all the technical targets met for the past eight nine days you can learn as well so that's it for this update and I'm going to see you the next one hello office

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