PEPE Coin Price Prediction Today! Pepe coin News Today (Video)

hi what's up baby talking holders welcome to another brand new guys today we will talk about the next price target of pp coin to what's going on in this time 19.25 percent in longstream 4 however the pp coin price was increased and of course my video absolutely huge pump and a huge crash we will be seeing now right now uh it will be moving I mean an upper position definitely we will we see a confirmed breakout if I see confirmed breakout definitely I will call you and we will be get a crazy trade now from paper uh coin okay guys this time as you can see here in miners Market people going with a strong buying right now and this time all exchanges you can see here my specialty and qcon was in second uh third position okay so uni swept is also my friends it is a very strong volume but depth if we look out my videos so look like it will be also gonna good now uh dips plus two you can see here so um volume as you can see here 56 percent on binders so that's mean when it was been listed now in binance it will be rising up now but right now we will see a huge creation uh baby coin also my brother so that's why I strongly recommend you my friends to wait for uh my friends some um strong volume entries and definitely will take along nine minutes ago my friends this person will be bosses now you can see here unicorn Destiny of Loki and PP the growing importance of mimiko and so if you are in Q coin definitely you can take a long position and BP absolutely my friend that's mean if it will be listed now that that is that is confirmed we will see a huge one in queue uh NPP coin okay guys and also in Floki flock is also amazing so if you want it again really long position and frog yeah I think it will be also good now okay thanks for watching vlogy talking hodlers and 50 token holders hope you enjoy video please like subscribe and join my telegram group for unlimited VIP signals