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what is up everybody welcome back to the channel this is a huge week for Pepe coin and all Pepe holders we're gonna be taking a look at the week ahead some of the highlights of the past week guys and where this token could potentially end up at the end of the week if you're a Pepe holder hit that Thumbs Up Guys subscribe to the channel and leave a comment below but before I forget let's all wish Pepe a happy birthday one month ago and one day on April 14th this token launch and change the crypto world forever Pepe currently sitting at a 693 million dollar market cap uh in a hundred and thirteen thousand holders no token in history has ever had these numbers 680 million Marquette 113 000 holders in one month and obviously guys we understand the market was about three times higher right we had a 1.66 billion dollar markup now people are asking me what does Pepe need to do to have success well it needs to keep doing what it's doing which is tweeting memes on its page and get the natural organic exposures that we're seeing from people like Elon Musk if you missed this Elon Musk put out a tweet saying the first amendment is for sharing memes with friends the Second Amendment is for when they try and stop me from sharing memes with friends now I had people comment on my YouTube video and DM me saying this is not a Pepe tweet guys if you don't think this is about Pepe you are out of your mind this is one thousand percent of Pepe tweet so we need the organic exposure that we're seeing from Big influencers like obviously Elon Musk one of the biggest in the world we also need to see the mass adoption coming we saw Gemini list Pepe and not only do they list Pepe but now they're doing Pepe giveaways right we saw ways ear x we saw Q coin we saw crypto.com we saw binance we need to see more exchanges continue to list Pepe and one on my radar one that I have on my radar guys is also coinbase you guys saw the fun that happened last week it was crazy coinbase set out an article to their 56 million customers saying Pepe is a anti-semitic logo blah blah blah I was like what but they got so much backlash hashtag delete coinbase was trending all over Twitter that the chief legal officer came out and said hey we screwed up and we're sorry yes sure we shared an overview of the Pepe mean coin to provide a fact-based picture of a trading topic this does not provide the whole picture of the history of the meme and we apologize to the community so he came out and said that guys so look hey it's okay Paul we accept your apology but now all you have to do is list Pepe also what what does Pepe need to do they just need to keep doing what they're doing it had twice the 24-hour trading volume of both Doge and ship combined now guys let's rewind three months if I would have told you that a token that's going to launch in a couple of days is going to have twice the trading volume of Doge and ship combined you would not believe me that's why this movement is so powerful that's why this movement is not slowing down that's why I'm so bullish on Pepe twice the trading volume of Doge and shib combined this is absolutely insane but for me I'm holding I'm buying more I think that Pepe is ready for takeoff you've been watching my videos you understand that I do think Pepe will flip Doge you understand that I do think Pepe will flip you understand that I do think coinbase will list Pepe it's all in due time right it's all in timing so we just have to wait wait to be patient Pepe has to keep doing their thing the crypto Market needs to keep picking back up retail investors need to keep coming in and every time this chart dips it gives people a better opportunity to buy in yes whales take profits but new investors can come in can create a new floor and then soon we see these Pepe God candles coming in so happy birthday to Pepe it's a big week for Pepe I'm expecting more exchanges I'm expecting more people to tweet about it and I'm expecting more price action for Pepe and obviously more volume that's my thoughts on Pepe let me know your thoughts in the comments guys subscribe to the channel and we'll see you on the next episode

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