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you're a partner with Vantage Point Capital Partners I was they they're now gone okay well but at the time it was one of the world's largest clean tech Venture Capital firms and you guys were the largest pre-ipo investor in Tesla yes okay I've owned four Teslas it's by far my favorite car you're welcome thank you great car i a model X pla son the best car I've ever own my son just bought one you bought a used one what do you think of that idea I bought a used one at one point you did that's cool I knew better I was worried because you can't get a warranty and I thought if that battery does yeah well I had I I bought it directly from Tesla which had the extended warranty at the time but now I have a new one by far the best cars ever according to the internet you have a net worth of 15 million is that more or less accurate I don't know I didn't get any of that Tesla money no why didn't you get the Tesla money well you know actually the guy who was running my who was running Vantage Point um was uh got in a very bad fight with uh Elon he this guy was a very acerbic uh Silicon Valley venture capital he was one of these you know uh sort of alpha male you know double x testost uh guys who is uh who got in a bad fight with with um with Elon and Elon actually writes a lot of I think I would describe as vitriolic uh description of his relationship with this guy they didn't like each other and Vantage Point bailed out of Tesla very early and I think they only got they sold out uh all of their stake to Mercedes spans and I think they only got maybe four or five acts whereas if they'd hold on to that state they'd have made 5,000 act oh yeah I kicked myself for not buying Tesla stock back in 2015 when I bought my first Tesla I I own stock now but I wish I bought back then a preo oh my God yeah but my um my uh my deal with Vantage Point would only applied to companies that I was involved in so I you know I wouldn't have gotten I wouldn't have gotten a a piece of that Tesla steak anyway and you know so I I don't know what my net worth is probably a little no than that but I don't know got it

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