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good morning shiv Army and happy Thursday so it looks like the burn results are in for May and it is a lot relative to previous months in fact it is just shy of 16 billion not too shabby now when it comes to these Burns A lot of them are from micro cap projects but I don't know about you guys it's awesome stuff no matter where it comes from now when it comes to Shiba Inu I had a look at the order books to try and get a feel as to what are buyers and sellers looking like and it's pretty much 50 50. 29 million in buys and 29 million in cells this to me shows a lot of unconfidence uncertainty fear uncertainty and doubt fud if you will people are kind of scared and it's being reflected not only in sentiment but also volume as well yesterday we talked about how aggregated volume across the board for crypto is the lowest it's been since 2020. so when it comes to interest based on volume it's really not there and that does make a lot of sense when it comes to all coins like ship there just hasn't been too much going on we've had some rallies here and there over the past year or so but it's been nothing even close to what we had during the bull market so hopefully things will pick up soon it does look like the U.S debt ceiling crisis has been averted among other things but we do have more data coming out soon that'll certainly be reflected in the crypto Market overall as far as news goes with regards to the developers and what's going on there I do know that the cold wallet it looks like that's going to be out anytime they've been doing amas and stuff like that um Marcy a part of the ship the metaverse has been very vocal with regards to things that have been going on there the hubs coming out later this year which is going to be exciting stuff multiple ones at that and it's gonna she had talked about the different places you can actually play it I do know PC for sure and I think there's going to be other ways to actually play in ship the metaverse and I'm assuming VR is going to be a big thing as well there but overall a little bit of retracement we did break the trend line on the daily so yeah we're kind of in unknown territory right now between macro support and the trend line that we just broke so you know only time will tell we're gonna have to wait and see what today brings us as well as tomorrow heading into the weekend appreciate you all though guys enjoy the rest of your day and we'll see you in the next one

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