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as the green energy space struggles the short sellers are now coming out and e fay is here with the details andz yeah that's right Josh short sellers are going after green energy stocks EV stocks as well and this is from a report from Hazel tree this is a firm a treasury and liquidity management platform for asset managers and what they do is they take a look at the sentiment surrounding short shorting around several stocks around stocks uh in the S&P 500 and they uh divide it up into three categories large cap midcap and small siiz cap and among these uh categories you see that EV stocks which some of these have been shorted in the past and we have seen for example Lucid has high short interest uh rivan as well Tesla these were some of the stocks that were among the top 10 shortage stocks in October within the large cap and midcap stocks and the report assigns also a crowded score representing Securities that have the highest percentage of funds that are shorting those so one deviation by the way from this EV and renewable space is the oil giant exom mobile which was the most crowded large cap stock in October with a score of 99 that replaces Tesla after four straight months at the top of the shortage security list and among the small caps uh they've been seeing some of the renewable names uh some of the solar names that have been coming into the the lists of shorted stocks Renewables such as Sunrun run that's a ticker also Sova energy those were among the top 10 crowdedness list of Securities uh now this is following a trend that we have been seeing in the market where renewable stocks have been getting pounded so they have obviously been on a downward Trend that's also where the short sellers pound on these stocks as well the EV Market some of these EV stocks in the last three months you've seen those go down more than 30% % some solar and wind energy stocks those are down 50% in the last several months and that is in part because of this High interest rate environment uh cost of capital is more expensive as you guys were just talking in your previous segments and so in this higher interest rate environment demand concerns are uh surfacing here andz thank you for that

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