SpaceX gets FAA approval for Starship test launch (Video)

well spacex's Starship rocket gets permission to lift off hopefully the Federal Aviation Administration the FAA granting SpaceX permission to launch its Starship rocket Regulators saying that the rocket has met all safety environmental policy and financial requirements this coming after the Starship rocket exploded during its first launch attempt back in April more on this NES foray joining us here in NES a huge step here for the company a huge step this is so exciting because tomorrow is supposed to be that second launch so this is significant the test flight follows that first test flight which Shana was mentioning in April which after a few minutes that rocket exploded it self-destructed in midair the test though had been dubbed Successful by industry Watchers they learned a lot from that flight test there was damage to the Launchpad that's been fixed they had some modifications that they had to do some environmental concerns as well so they had to reduce some sound waves and vibrations for this next upcoming test and they had to pass a safety review view from the FAA Friday tomorrow morning a 2hour window starting at 8:00 a.m. eastern in Bach chica Texas that is where the launch will take place now Starship consists of first the first stage booster called super heavy uh and the upper stage spacecraft called Starship so if all goes well as planned super heavy will come down in the Gulf of Mexico not too long after the launch and the Starship upper stage that will almost reach orbital velocity then in will go down splash down near Hawaii in the ocean so the rocket is designed to be by the way fully reusable and this is very significant it's important because Starship is supposed to take American astronauts back to the Moon in 2025 that's part of NASA's Artemis program and then the big ultimate goal is to take people to Mars it's designed to carry a 100 people to Mars the uh NASA wants to be able to take people to Mars in early 2030s but if anything we know about space travel about the space technology is that there are always delays we've also seen reports of starlink spinning off as an IPO what do we know about that in this yeah there was a report from Bloomberg earlier this week saying that starlink that the company was going to be it's uh part of SpaceX by the way that they were taking initial steps to prepare starlink to eventually go public and that that IPO could be delayed to 20 25 then Elon Musk on X had said that that report was false but look the idea of uh spinning out starlink which is the unit which has uh uh satellites all over um and to provide internet connectivity fast internet connectivity to remote areas that that unit would be spun off for an IPO that's been floating around for years now so the question is when will that happen uh it's it's estimated by some reports at next year starlink is bringing in1 billion dollar in sales so uh that is a hefty amount also starlink just had signed a contract with the government of Mexico for $90 million to provide internet connectivity uh for people in Mexico so when that happens though there are industry Watchers that are saying when Starlet goes public this will be a huge Catalyst for anything that space related as well because if you think that people are gung-ho for Tesla if that there's Tesla fans out there there's certainly also space fans out there as well yeah it's going to be interesting to see especially given the fact that Elon Musk has really been outspoken about whether or not he would take some of his other companies public um especially given his with the SEC in the past and runin there thanks so much for breaking this down for us covering all things in the space space and as foray