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what's up sui token holders welcome to another brand new guys so in today's video I will discuss about the next price Target what is the next price target of sui but remember guys if you are new my channel currently requested to subscribe my YouTube channel and also press the Bell icon for videos notifications this is a very important now to subscribe my YouTube channel the strong resistance line my video as you can see here 1.096 and definitely it will be reached now it will be completely closed my print with this so of course if we see a breakout I will inform you and we will take a long position strongly in sui and absolutely we will make it a crazy profit now but right now I'll come into my pin if you want unlimited VIP signal free of course join my telegram group you will get a crazy signal from my signal from my channel okay guys so thanks for joining and hope you enjoy video please like subscribe and join my Twitter ground group for unlimited VIP signal definitely we are still waiting now for breakout if I see a breakout I will call you okay thanks for watching and see you next time guys

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