Tesla FSD Beta SHOCK + Polestar SCREWED (Video)

so if you haven't noticed the ratio of anti-tesla Lies misinformation hit pieces fud libel and slander in the hate stream media aka the fake news who hate you and hate Humanity it's approximately 69 to 1. so I saw an article today someone in the mainstream media who spent a month with Tesla's FSD and shockingly this is an incredibly reasonable balanced and unbiased article my faith in humanity is marginally increased and I think this is a sign of things to come don't get me wrong it's going to take a while but eventually others in the media will defy their overlords and actually tell the truth it's always important as the Tesla stock investor to look outside this little bubble and hear what's being said about Tesla and its technology in the mainstream media that's exactly what we'll be doing in today's video we'll also be taking a look at the burning dumpster fire known as pole star who are making a pretty decent product with bleeding insane amounts of money doing so while having 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headline Baron's test drove Tesla's self-driving software for a month what we discovered and before we read this article I just wanted to show you guys the larger Banner ad at the very top of the page for post R3 SUV and if we continue to scroll through we'll see second ads as well so they've paid for a full Splash all over this page buy your Pulstar 3 now and hey that's one way to sell your vehicles just want to add a little bit of important context though pole star second quarter loss widens as it ramps up EV deliveries pollstar lost 304 million dollars in the second quarter on revenue of 685 million I wonder where that money is going oh oh I see I get it don't worry I'm sure it's fine you know what let's click let's configure our pole star three well that's a great experience as soon as you log into the website get mate all right let's pick a random State here continue get to the point Chop Chop holy dude how much so the long range dual motor Pulsar 3 is apparently priced from 110 751 but the default pay page when I load it has it configured beginning at 143 000. so obviously there's a lot of extras that I can uncheck save some money right yeah right oh my God what bro towbar three grand HD LED headlights three grand me dude okay so let's just uncheck all this stuff that's added in here get rid of that plus pack and I can't even seriously they're not even they're Auto ticked okay so can somebody please explain to me why the this says price from I'm gonna zoom in so you guys can see this price from 110 000 but who cares where where is that price all I can choose from is a long range dual motor and the long range dual motor with performance pack I haven't checked anything manually I haven't added anything in there's nothing that I can uncheck the what is this driver what the is this this is a scam price from 110 000 okay great so this is the version that 110 where's this extra 35 Grand coming from you car taxes and fees vehicle GST delivery luxury car tax stamp Duty registration amount oh my god dude God damn it what is this what an absolute joke price from double asterisks never a good sign so so the specs 610 kilometers of range isn't that great and five seconds zero to sixty zero to 100 kilometer per hour time for 143 314.20 bargain versus let's see if we can find something else with close to 600 kilometer range and roughly a five second zero to 100 kilometer time on the Tesla website model 3 entry level just over 500 kilometers not quite there zero to sixty time six seconds not quite comparable how about the long range there we go we're now in the same ballpark 629 kilometers range versus pole star 610 a 4.4 second is 0-60 Time versus the pole star at five for seventy one thousand nine hundred dollars and if you want to be pedantic the driveway price if you're doing Apples to Apples seventy four thousand eight hundred and fourteen dollars so is anyone good at math if we double the driveway price for the model 3 it's 149 628 essentially the same as the pole star three so the model 3 right now in Australia the new one the refreshed one you know with the screen in the back and the front yeah that remember that yeah you do fantastic half the price for more range and a faster zero to sixty time the Pulstar threes literally twice the price but Stephen Stephen that's not fair this is an SUV why don't you compare that to the model y that's more fair okay let's do it just because you asked nicely we'll do it what do I long range not quite 600 kilometers same zero to 60 time 78 400 Drive Away price under 85 five grand not that far off half the price the post are three versus the model y long range has about 14 more range same zero to 60 time and what do you know it's 69.75 more expensive for essentially the exact same specs slightly more range for nearly 70 more how about the performance pack oh now we're down to 560 kilometer range 4.7 second 0-60 time and 155 599 Drive Away versus the model y performance driveway price under 100 Grand model y one second faster zero to sixty a little bit less range and again for significantly less money I do just want to come back to this pulse style losing 304 million dollars in the second quarter on revenue of 685 million that's with prices 50 60 70 higher than Tesla who are making give or take about 20 profit per vehicle sold and pole Stars losing roughly 50 per vehicle sold while charging significantly anyway that was quite an aside but important bit of context while pole Stars spending money advertising Tesla is not spending that money and passing those cost savings on to Consumers every time by the way I read the name pole star I just have flashbacks to some of the questionable women I dated in my 20s so back to Baron's test driving Tesla FSD for a month Tesla's highest level autonomous driving software called Full self-driving or FSD generates strong opinions Elon Musk believes it is the key to trillions in value creation detractors call it vaporware and dangerous Barons had to see for ourselves so this reporter has been driving a 2023 Tesla Model 3 equipped with version 11.3.6 of Tesla's FSD software for more than a month traveling more than 1 000 miles with the system engaged bottom line it's impressive but the car has a personality it drives like a mash of a teenager with a learner's permit and an octogenarian like the reporters father who doesn't mind caution no matter how everyone else is driving around him I think this is probably a fair description so far the basics Tesla's Auto pilot driver assistance software comes as standard on Tesla vehicles enhanced autopilot can be had for six thousand bucks FSD can be purchased for 12 000 or for 199 a month I've got to say in the future I think the vast majority of people using FSD will be subscribed monthly let me know if anyone watching is currently subscribed to any software at all where they pay monthly Barons opted for the 199 plan expensive twelve thousand dollars wouldn't go over well FSD takes a little getting used to the system is activated with a couple of clicks of the wheel mounted shifter then comes an Intel like Ding and blue line on the center display screen indicating FSD is active hands are required to stay on the wheel oh look at that shout out to our root here from Barons for a having a brain be using it and C making this very clear and apparent it's almost as if Al is trying to be fair and reasonable in this article as opposed to lie mislead deceive and just outright slander shout out to Cotton job distorts Dano dud and a few others yes we do took our hands off and the system said hey hands back on the wheel sorry I mean um and the system had a reminder every minute or so telling us to touch the wheel failing to do so shuts the system off again I've got to give some credit here to our route this is accurate and this is how things work and this is not the narrative you hear from many people who if I didn't know any better I would almost think we're trying to lie to you or deceive you for one reason or another Tesla also has a cabin camera yes so I guess this brings an end to road head unless you're not shy wait what anyway if a driver is on their phone there is a separate warning to pay attention we ignored all warnings on one trip intentionally and the car pulled over and scolded us a few more times like that and no more FSD so again a non-repetitive but bro he's telling the truth I shouldn't be so pleased by this but the amount of misinformation out here that seems fair and shows some of the Perils of Advanced Driver systems drivers can act irresponsibly even if they are told repeatedly not to before we get any further I just want to ask a question and yes I do want you guys to answer it please in the comments have you ever done anything irresponsible in a car well you were the driver no neither have I definitely not it's a reason why evaluating FSD software and the entire experience requires some Nuance many things can be true at once such as the product is wildly impressive and not ready for Prime Time The Good the best part about FSD is that it works most of the time in most situations it makes life easier and driving safer as long as a human driver is ready to take over tracking FSD is its own interesting exercise we found most drives are only a couple of Miles running errands or running kids around thankfully not running kids over then there are longer trips to either grandma's or an event that's probably the pattern for most people model 3 completed most drives with one or two interventions at most an early commute to the train never touch the wheel until hitting the parking lot so let's take a moment here there was a time when this software required constant intervention early days it was a White Knuckle experience we're now at a point where on most trips per Al's own words here in this article maybe one or two interventions at most and some zero interventions until of course getting to a parking lot and that eventually will be solved too so let me ask a question it's a very complicated one so I'll totally understand if you don't know how to answer this but let's just say on average there's 1.5 interventions per average Drive roughly right you're saying one or two at most how many less interventions per average Drive are required until there are zero interventions per average Drive okay I'll give you a moment ready anyone any any have you figured it out spoiler alert 1.5 less interventions per average drive until there are zero interventions at some point after that you may have one intervention every five drives then every ten then every 50 and every hundred and at some point between now and then Tesla gets approval for humans to no longer need to be constantly supervising Tesla is closer than people realize interventions refer to the the human taking over to avoid an issue or give the car a nudge when it is unsure how to proceed highway driving was lovely going from exit to exit on an interstate was much less stressful and the car often reacted faster than a human driver to slowing traffic or speed limit changes the bad there are still plenty of things the car doesn't do perfectly hence by the way jumping in here why you need to continually supervise and be ready to intervene and why if you don't the car will pull over and scold you and then ban you from using FSD that's the teenage Driver part of the system wide intersections offset stop signs blind Corners potholes basically he's describing edge cases here unpainted speed bumps road construction double Park utility trucks flashing yellow lights Advanced screen lights or left turns heavy fog getting cut off by another driver and other situations give the system trouble nothing disastrous happened but like a new Teenage driver a licensed adult needs to be there to manage all the little things that can come up on the course of drives people make every day over and over again exactly I mean I've previously described this FSD initially it's like a drunk toddler on drugs and will eventually progress to the capabilities of a learner driver a teenage driver getting close to that now then we'll eventually match the average human then the best humans then be significantly better than the best humans then become absolutely superhuman then almost dare I say it god-like our model 3 for instance hates one offset four-way stop-shaped ironically a little like the X logo and what was formerly Twitter if the car could talk it might have said what do I do here in a way it did and we answered Tesla calls the FSD software a beta version that's right there's a reason too it ain't done yet it still has bugs when the car has trouble and FSD is disengaged Tesla asks for feedback we told Tessa what just happened with voice recorded notes the ugly the worst bits of the experience were other drivers come on there we go that's interesting I thought they were going to talk about some serious dramas but apparently not the model 3 comes to complete stop at the white line back from the intersection and creeps forward that every single stop sign every single time this is simply not the norm and frequently irritates other drivers there were honks the car was passed on the other side of the road twice by commuters overly eager to get home perhaps to start dinner by the way stop signs in particular quite an interesting one something like 80 percent of drivers don't actually come to a complete stop there's going to be a few cases like this where the question is does the car obey the road rules or do what everyone does another example when turning a corner through an intersection often you'll find lines that you're not meant to cross painted in such a way that unless you jerk the car around like a psychopath you will run over those lines just a little bit as you're going around a corner if you're an absolute Point extra in a stickler for the road rules the car will jerk around like a but if it does like most people do it will take the corner smoothly and one tire on one side will just cross over those lines that are meant to cross then there was a black plastic bed liner from a small Nissan pickup that literally flew out of a truck and onto an interstate highway that required an intervention we didn't wait to see what FSD would do with that yet another Edge case the stock oh interesting I thought this was about FSD but okay as great as FSD is it isn't perfect oh that's why they call it beta oh I oh I think so thanks Robo taxi service in vehicles with no steering wheels pedals and drivers feels a long way off well I beg to differ on this oh I think it feels rather close that's the kind of business that Arc invest Kathy wood projects we'll learn Tesla 155 billion dollars a year in earnings before interest tax by 2027 Wall Street projects a total test of 2024 ebitda of 23 billion Woods number feels I love this feels almost impossible but Tesla's musk believes that exponential gains in computing power the AI effect make it at least possible Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas recently wrote that FSD software gets good at a driving task after being shown a situation a million times more and faster computers mean the system will see more situations learned and things getting better quickly what he's saying there to Morgan Stanley's Point more compute plus more data equals better software quicker the achieving Robo taxi status would be big for Tesla stock that's the understatement of all understatements brother imagine fleets of Teslas being operated by Tesla or other parties taking taxi-like Revenue around the globe every day I just want to jump in here maybe I'll point this out but taxi-like Revenue with much higher margins because there's no driver to pay if Robo taxis don't arrive by the end of the decade well I'm jumping in here I'll be absolutely shocked investors are left with the leading EV company with very useful driver assistance software that isn't nothing but bulls and bears debate if it's Worth Texas current market cap of some 767 billion dollars it's hard to know what's truth what's impossible to know but it's not that hard to have a pretty good guess in terms of probability now again it is not simple there's a lot of moving Parts you do need an understanding of neural Nets AI there's a lot of stuff to understand however this stuff is all understandable and comprehendable by somebody even with maybe just slightly above average intelligence but it just takes a lot of work and knowledge across a broad range of topics that are super nerdy but if you know you know it's hard to know one thing is certain all investors should pay attention to FSD Round of Applause to our route this is a legendarily accurate statement and I don't just mean Tesla investors I mean anyone who either currently invests in or is considering investing in any companies who are publicly traded if you are not paying attention to progress on FSD you're not paying attention to progress on the single most disruptive and therefore financially enormous opportunity easily in the last century of course let's not talk about the Tesla humanoid bot which will dwarf the FSD opportunity but for now right it's literally a decade trillion dollar opportunity for an investor or potential investor not to be tracking progress here is nothing short of negligent both for Securities analyst John Murphy tells Barons that autonomous driving has the power to change the car business even more than EVS duh one's a form of propulsion cool story bro the other a complete shift in how Transportation takes place lots of time after all is wasted in cars getting to where people want to go coming into Monday trading Tesla stock is up about 99 a year to date while the S P 500 and NASDAQ are up about 13 and 26 respectively shares however are also down about 41 from their record intraday high of more than 414 dollars reached in November 2021 yep good point he's right these are all true things it's pretty amazing by the way that Tesla manages to be up basically doubling this year yet still down close to 42.69 from its all-time high closing price there is a reason why I continue to buy with every spare Cent and continue to point out that I really firmly do believe that Tesla as far as I am aware is the best risk adjusted opportunity in the public markets now I've said before there are better risk adjusted opportunities I'm sure I just don't know about them if I did I'd be buying them but I don't so I mean Tesla's looking pretty good to me and again the most important line in this entire article from Al here all investors should pay attention to FSD especially progress on FSD don't say owl or I didn't warn you so are we turning a new corner it's mainstream media finally going to start covering Tesla reasonably and more importantly accurately and honestly well maybe but In fairness Al root has generally been quite reasonable covering Tesla in the past one of the few reasonable folks in the media covering the company I wish I didn't need to point this out if it's some high and mighty achievement sadly it's so rare it's worth mentioning so credit where it's true this was a very reasonable piece and again the tide will turn eventually I don't know how long it's going to take but years from now Tesla's Redemption Arc will happen Elon good currently Elon bad and then eventually again it will be Elon good Tesla follows the exact same Arc Tesla good Tesla bad because Elon bad and then eventually it will be Tesla good might take a while but we will see more articles in the future with journalist writers members in the media share their experience with Tesla FSD not the lies that they've been told to spread but their actual own experience and we'll hear about one intervention per three drives and then one intervention every 20 drives and then zero interventions for an entire month then you'd have to be insane for your family not to be driving in a Tesla on 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