hello everyone thank you so much for joining me today real quick breaking news Tesla has increased the eligibility of the base model model 3 to be eligible for the full 7 500 EV tax credit real quick let me bring in this tweet from the man who never sleeps Sora Merit on Twitter breaking Tesla says all new model 3 vehicles in the US now qualify for the full 7 500 EB tax credit meeting the model 3 now starts at 32 740 with incentives in some states you can get it for under thirty thousand in places like Colorado or California which have a state incentives for electric vehicles before the rear wheel drive and long range versions only qualified for this 3750 EB tax credit now every single model qualifies if we look at the pricing from Tesla right now for model 3 essentially if you take each one of these prices for the rear wheel drive the dual motor all-wheel drive long range in the performance the net price to somebody who uh is elig eligible for the full credit which is based on how much you get paid each year you would be able to essentially take off seventy five hundred dollars from these prices in addition to an additional uh whatever EV uh tax credit that your state has I've made a handy Dandy's chart you can pause it right here if you'd like but basically I've taken every competitive EV to Tesla and I've made them into a chart the Tesla Model 3 Center range now with the 7 500 tax credit Nets again at about thirty two thousand seven forty which makes it the second cheapest EV in the US market if you remove the bolt the Chevy bolt which is being discontinued in the United States at the end of this year uh the dollar per range of 120 dollars per mile of range is the second best outside of the Tesla Model 3 long range which is which is 119 meaning that you get your best bang for your buck for range per dollar you spend if you compare it to every single other vehicle EV as long as you bake in the EV tax credit uh it also that new pricing of 32 000 ish is quite comparable to some of its closest competitors uh say on the gas market side with like the Honda Accord you see here the Honda Accord Sport's hybrid starts at about 31 000 the hybrid EXL 33 000 ish the touring hybrid 37 000 and of course this is before any dealer markups and it's now significantly cheaper than it's really it's it's true competitor if you think about it from a vehicle perspective uh regardless if it's EV or gas which is the BMW 3 Series which starts around forty three thousand dollars the net price for a model 3 is now somewhere around ten thousand dollars cheaper if you take into account the EV tax credit now before we wrap up the video I think this was a huge deal going into 2024 as well because in 2024 the us is going to allow car makers to bake in the EV tax credit into the monthly payments for financing so now folks are going to be able to get the cheapest model 3 for even cheaper as long as Tesla keeps their prices where they are today so I'd love to hear your thoughts I just wanted to quickly bring this to you so you're aware of these changes for folks that are sitting on the sidelines waiting for a cheaper EV this is probably great news especially for those that want to Tesla so let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and if you found this informational and unhelpful or rather informative I love it if you throw me a like take it easy everybody have a great weekend we'll see you on Monday bye foreign [Music]