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Tesla him to bounce back from concern over about missing third quarter delivery targets earlier in the week as Tesla shares surged past a critical level leading the SNP 500 on Wednesday Tesla supporters are banking on fourth quarter recovery in deliveries driven by the revamped model 3 in China in the upcoming launch of cyber Tru deliveries consequently Tesla stock saw 4.3% increase reaching $257 and10 on Wednesday during market trading hello and welcome to the Box this is your daily Tesla update however analysts are adjusting their third quarter EPS estimates as Tas quarter re earnings announcement on October 18 approach Tesla surpassed its 50-day line on Wednesday and has been included in the IBD leaderboard and swing Trader the buy zone for eager investors is between $254 and $258 on Tuesday nights Tesla revealed the availability of its newly launched us model y variant in the US the best price for Tesla's rear wheeel drive model Y starts at4 3,899 boosting an official range of 260 miles as per Tesla's official website deliveries are set to commence on either October or November the earlier base model y now discounted discontinued began at $ 47,7 40 continuing the trend for Tesla eeve feuring lower average selling prices over the past year simultaneously rivan experienced a 7.1 surge reaching $23 on Wednesday ran stock is marginally below an early entry point of $24 with the official buy point identified at $28 according to Market SMI analysis in the previous week Tesla stocks for 2.2 rise reaching to$ $50 on Monday shares closed slightly above the 50-day line retracting slightly on Tuesday presently Tesla stock is situated in a cup with a handle base with a buy point at 27 according to Mark Smith analysts also contain that ongoing United Auto Workers strike against Ford General Motors and stantis is advantageous for Tesla which operates as a nonunion establishment among the 35 stock IBD automaker Industry Group Tesla stock holds the fourth position the SNP 500 constituent boasts an impressive 96 composite rating out of a possible 99 additionally shares display a strong 94 relative strength rating complemented by an EPS rating of 93 so that's all for the update today I'll see you next time with another Tesla update thanks for watching take care bye

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