Tesla Stock – Key Levels to Watch (Video)

what's up guys not too much really going on today Tesla's sitting here about flat and the S P 500 is seeing up about half of a percent I don't want to bore you but today is obviously probably going to be a pretty boring day you can see that we had this big push-up this pullback yesterday and then this massive run up yesterday within the Discord Community we called out a free trade on Tesla where we ended up closing out a 2200 profit if you guys want access to all of my trades they're over there completely for free and for the first month you can get the first month for free of our premium group for all of our AI trading Bots as well as much much more but as of right now looking at Tesla what we're gonna be looking for is to see if we can breach 206 dollars we have been riding the five SMA which is what we were expecting yesterday we were looking for the potential pullback down to 190 so that we could enter that did not occur but we did end up entering yesterday which is really really good day trade that we covered in the video going into the close but overall what we're going to be looking for is that subsequent move back up over 206 dollars looking at the daily we still have this golden Fibonacci level of 206 dollars I think if we can push over and hold over we're probably going to get that move up to 230. another thing that you do have to understand is that before we've tested this range and rejected one two three four times now and this is about to be our fifth potential uh move up in a potential breakout over 206. so that's what we're going to be looking for I currently do not have any trades on Tesla at this moment I don't think the risk versus reward is worth it to play the upside at this moment I don't think the rvr is worth it to play the downside to this moment what I'm going to be looking for is a break and a hold over 206 for confirmation and then from there we can play that move from 206 up to 228 dollars the S P 500 still sitting in the same level that we've been talking about for the past couple of weeks and what we're going to be looking for is this nice bounce off the 5 SMA which we saw and hopefully going into close we can still continue to see this move up to 421 150 to be quite honest I don't really have a lot of trades in play I closed a lot of profits yesterday close to almost twelve thousand dollars and I didn't really open a ton of Trades I still have a couple of things going on within the premium group um a couple of Trades are currently open like Mara Mara as a trade I currently have open but I'll I'll share it because it's a bit too late uh but Mara is a really really good trade I have opened I'm up about three and a half thousand dollars on it looking like we're probably gonna move up to ten dollars and twenty five cents but besides that this is just one of those times to be patient like if you didn't play the run up don't feel like you have to force anything don't go trying to short things just for the of it because you feel like you know you you need to be doing something you need to be making money like there is no amount of money I posted this within the Discord today and it's true there is no amount of money at all in the world that is worth losing your potential account guys thanks for all the support use proper risk management I'll see you next time peace