TESLA Stock Price Analysis and Prediction 6.2.23 | $TSLA (Video)

hello everyone welcome to Milo X news your reliable source of financial news don't forget to hit the Subscribe button and give this video a like today we're going to dive into a comprehensive analysis of Tesla's stock corresponding to Friday June 2nd 2023 Tesla's stock has been on our radar last week they achieved a significant Milestone by closing above the 190.48 mark today we've been closely watching the critical level of 208.93 if we get a close Above This level with a one percent margin this could be a significant Buy Signal this could indicate that we've reached the lowest point of the Year and that we could expect the stock to rise to 265.05 over the next two to three months if you're a Trader I would recommend that if the stock closes above 211.02 consider acquiring call options with higher strike prices with maturities of three to six months this could be a lucrative strategy if the stock maintains its upward trend on the other hand if the stock fails to surpass the 208.93 level we could see a pullback to the 190.48 to 192.28 range and if the situation turns unfavorable and we break the 200.44 support we could see a drop to 192.28 also important to consider a bearish scenario if the stock fails to surpass 208.93 we could see a significant pullback to the 150 range in the coming months as always it's crucial to consider all possible scenarios in plan accordingly remember this analysis is not Financial advice but simply my interpretation based on technical analysis you should always conduct your own research and make investment decisions based on your own financial situation and risk tolerance that's all for today don't forget to like this video subscribe to our Channel and share this analysis with your friends and colleagues see you in the next video