Tesla Stock Price Analysis | Time to Buy? (Video)

yo what's up guys today I'm going to be talking about Tesla stock and if I think it's a good time to buy so to start off I'm going go over some recent news and then we can see what's going on inside the company firstly Tesla recently ran into a pretty big problem with their longtime battery supplier Panasonic basically Panasonic said that they're going to be cutting their battery production for the fourth quarter from concern over global slowdown and Electric Vehicle sales this will slow down Tesla's production a lot but it seems like they're going to stick with them as their supplier another problem Tesla has been facing is with their long awaited cyber truck Elon Musk told shareholders that interest rates will force them to have to raise the price of the Cyber truck also he said that they've been facing serious challenges with the production of the Cyber truck he thinks that the Cyber truck is a great product but it will take a year to 18 months before it's a positive cash flow now for some good news if we look at the big picture Tesla is still up over 80 5% year to date so they're having a pretty good year also some huge news for Tesla is that their massive lithium refinery in Texas is expected to be opened sooner than predicted initially it was predicted to be opened in late 2025 but now they say it will be open next year on top of this they said that they have property which is well suited for future expansion beyond the first two trains musk has previously called this 1200 acre refinery a money printing machine so it'll be interesting to see what happens when it does open another big thing happening for Tesla is their new vehicle the model 3 is coming to the US the model 3 is already available in countries like UK Germany and China and will soon be available in America a couple model 3s have already been spotted driving in California besides this being Tesla's newest and most updated car so far it's also going to be their cheapest vehicle available starting at $39,000 this is $9,000 cheaper than the average price for a Tesla so this vehicle could be really big in America especially with it being cheaper so more people will be able to afford it earlier I did say that Tesla was going to have to raise the price for their cybertruck but overall they've been doing really good at lowering their prices they said the drive growth of over 500,000 units this year they cut their vehicle prices by 16 % overall lastly Tesla has this huge investor named Ron Baron who has made over 5 billion in profits from Tesla he came out recently very bullish on Tesla and predicted Tesla's market cap would hit $4 trillion musk responded to this saying that they need to perform well but he thinks that they can hit that too so what do I think overall of Tesla right now I think that if you're looking for something to hold on to long term like 2 years plus then Tesla would be a good option for you if you're looking for something shortterm to trade on I would watch Tesla and do your own technical analysis me personally I have shares in Tesla that I'm holding for the long term but I'm also planning on doing some big trades especially next year when they open their lithium Refinery I could see that being really big and affecting Tesla's stock price a lot so I'm excited for that but what do you guys think about Tesla let me know in the comments if you made it to the end be sure to like the video and subscribe to my channel also I have a Discord server that I'll be putting tons of free information on so if you want to join that the link will be in my description thank you guys for watching