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how much push back we talked about this before do you see do you still get the same degree of push back that you did a month ago or are more people listening and saying wait a second in the anecdotal data this is starting to make sense yeah look I mean I think the the question for investors is always price uh I mean we're in a we're in a late cycle environment let me just set the table a little bit right so we're in a late cycle environment for the last year and when you're in a late cycle environment there's a lot of uncertainty right I mean people erroneously called for a recession in the first half of this year happen and now they may be erroneously believing in like this beautiful soft Landing with some re acceleration next year they probably PR overpriced that in the summer so what happens is investors get whipped around by Price action and I would say what's happened in the last two months is we are seeing a breakdown again in a lot of a lot of the stock market okay yeah the overall averages are down four or five% not a big deal but some of these consumer stocks are really really struggling and I think that reflects kind of what we were talking about a minute ago before we get on air which is that the middle lower end consumer definitely is out of excess savings that's starting to bleed a little bit into the higher end now as well we have the student loan moratorium and I just think it's that's the wild card that is the risk for the fourth quarter is can the consumer continue to surprise on the upside Tesla has changed the game of EVS it's made the idea of owning an electric vehicle so appealing that almost everyone wants their own electric car or at least they want to drive one somay as the industry continues to expand investors may expect some sort of pullback in Tesla's growth and this is to be expected so will Tesla continue to grow and what growth factors will this automaker need to put in place join us as we explore this interesting topic Tesla's got a lot going for in its quest for electrifying the future expansion plans and things like new models production prowess and Innovative Battery tech there's pretty much no shortage of excitement in the Tesla world but despite this progress many still fear that Tesla may not be able to meet up with the demand that the compet comptition is swelling so much that Tesla won't be able to grow as much as it should or even maintain its leading position but is any of this really true in today's video we'll focus on how various initiatives by Tesla to keep its stock flying in high skies and why Tesla stock is going to keep increasing over the next months or so especially after passing its worst fiscal months so far so without any further delay let's get started let's check in on some of today's top trending tickers now starting with Tesla those Shares are lower after Deutsche Bank cut its price Target to $285 from $300 analyst Emanuel Rosner there says the EV maker could miss third quarter delivery and production expectations the larger risk with Tesla he says is the downside expectations for 2024 on both growth and earnings and Josh I think safe to say roster's one of the more closely watched analysts who covers a Tesla here and it is interesting when he says he says his base case for Tesla is that it'll guide to about 2.1 million deliveries next year consensus is 2.3 yeah what he says here is interesting because basically the note summarizes how uh there was this deuts invest deuts Bank investor day and what he heard of that in invester day was that Tesla May no longer plan to expand output in in Austin and Berlin factories so he thinks Tesla will forecast as you said 2024 deliveries below the street but he kind of he kind of sees a silver line there if they're gonna he says uh could not push so hard on volume maybe he says that could be less pricing pressure so he still RIS this a buy right so maybe he says those Automotive gross margins that people are watching so closely for Tesla could start to improve a little bit we'll see well um if you've ever thought about investing in electric vehicles and particularly in Tesla then you might want to hear what Ross Gerber's got to say he's a stock price wizard according to the Tesla stock price and analyst experts investing in electric vehicles and specifically Tesla could be the most important investment scheme of the next decade you see the world is Shifting Gears going full speed towards electric cars everyone is finally seeing the light when it comes to clean energy and guess who's leading the pack that's right Tesla hey guys welcome back to Tesla tomorrow there has been quite a bit of Buzz about potential delays in Tesla's expansion into Mexico and some people have also thought that this might not be a big deal but it could have some medium-term effectss on Tesla's growth expanding into new markets is a big part of Tesla's Playbook and Mexico is no exception therefore any delays could slow down the company's plans and impact its presence in this promising Market while this may not be true it shouldn't bother a long-term investor and here's why but before we get into that don't forget to like And subscribe if you're liking this type of content and ring that notification Bell to keep up to date on everything going on with Tesla first up Tesla's growth strategy is pretty fascinating the automaker is gearing up to launch a compact model referred to as the model 2 and this is going to be a big deal the Tesla Model 2 is all about meeting the demand for a more affordable EV this could open up a whole new world for customers who've been waiting for Tesla to fit something into their budget at Tesla's recent investor day its CEO Elon Musk told shareholders that Tesla expects to cut manufacturing costs in half particularly through an updated set of manufacturing processes and through its next Generation vehicle platform planned for production at its gigafactory Mexico that scale of production is expected to help Tesa unlock vehicles with a sub $30,000 stick of price comparable to a traditional gas car such as the Toyota Corolla this move will help increase mainstream EV adoption since affordable electric cars mean more people can hop onto the EV bandwagon it's like opening the door to the EV world for a lot more people Tesla's vice president of vehicle engineering L morave shared even more light on the benefits of this move and he said higher volumes of auto prodouction mean lower manufacturing costs the Tesla executive explained that this is while emphasizing how crucial manufacturing as well as new generation EV platforms are going to be to the company's ability to deliver long-term production targets so Tesla is planning some major production upgrades big numbers big plans if Tesla is able to produce cars at a lower cost then imagine how many cars the company will uce and how much sales it could make it's going to be pretty groundbreaking there's no doubt that Tesla isn't just sitting idle though when it comes to production for one the company currently has two factories capable of cranking out over half a million Vehicles each year that is a lot of Teslas hitting the roads it's not just about cars Tesla's battery cell lines are equally impressive and this production muscle is what keeps Tesla ahead of the curve in the EV game batteries are at the heart of vehicles and Tesla success uccessful manufacturing of these at Large Scale is a big deal the thing is Tesla knows that having high energy density cells is key to success specifically the automakers eyeing the 4680 cells which could be a game changer these cells are crucial for producing longer or long range EVS beyond the compact model 2 so it's not just about what's under the hood it's about what the cells are going to be able to make possible from saving the planet called tag and government perks there are a lot of reasons why everyone wants to go Electric it's time for the EVS to shine EVS may not be the most affordable types of vehicles and they do have their own limitations but more people are starting to see the benefits of owning one at the moment there's a big shift towards EVs and one of the driving forces is the increased interest of electric vehicles and their fluctuating oil prices oil prices have become pretty volatile in recent years and there is a high chance that that will keep going up in coming years this uncertainty in the oil Market has led many individuals and businesses to consider alternative options such as EVS to save costs and reduce their dependencies on fossil fuels but here's the deal Tesla is not just staying put it's spreading its wings across the globe meaning that it's making more moves to New Markets and that means more Tesla cars zooming down the streets worldwide it is hard to believe that Tesla's growth strategy is looking forward and it will be much different than what got it to this point and that mainly involves selling more of its cars in more markets it can also include introducing new models for instance several people have been waiting for production of the cybertruck to start and Tesla has also delivered a small number of its powerful semi trucks with more interesting models the cybertruck particularly is not just a cool looking vehicle it's a potential GameChanger for Tesla growth so far Tesla cars have been performing incredibly well in their markets and we continue to expect more positive results in this area how well do you think Tesla can grow in the next 5 years let us know down below and don't forget to tell us what your valuation of Tesla is and if you want to know more about what Tesla's been up to over the next few days go ahead and click on this next video on your screen see you there

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