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Hello friends James Stevenson here with a really quick video about Tesla's production uh all time Inception the date let's check it out and I'll share my desktop with you and show you this chart that I made illustrating the exponential growth of Tesla sales stretching all the way back to Q4 of 2008 uh look how flat all of these look from 2008 through like 2012 this when the Model S debuted and the bars started getting a little bit taller than they were back in the original Roadster days and look at these gains uh Tesla announced during Q3 of 2023 that they had passed the five million Vehicles produced threshold during the quarter uh I have according to my own spreadsheets records that they're at 5,827 vehic produced uh by the end of the quarter so really cool chart from Tesla there really quick video just wanted to show that to you uh give this video a like if you liked it uh thank you to everyone who supports me whether you do that on patreon or on X or by joining my YouTube channel and I'll see you in the next one

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