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in the exciting world of electric cars Elon Musk and Tesla are the leaders of a big change they make many electric cars and have lots of special charging stations called superchargers all over the country but there's a new kit on the Block a strong strong competitor called the unitized regenerative fuel cell system or urfc for short it's not just cars even batteries are getting better there's a company called pblu that raised almost $800,000 from regular people to make better are rechargeable batteries now the big question is when this new technology will arrive car companies are working hard to bring it to us Honda seems to be in the lead they have plans for a new kind of car that can plug in at home and even give you extra power when you need it this new car will be a fancy version of their current self-charging SUV and it's set to come out next year the cool thing is that it doesn't need to fill up with hydrogen it can make its own while driving just like electric cars are changing things today this new new technology could be the next big thing and if that happens we wonder what it will mean for Tesla and other companies that use traditional batteries so what's so great about a URC powered car well it can charge up super fast during long trips just like filling up with gas but it can also charge at home which is really convenient this technology could save you money because it uses electricity when it's cheapest and it doesn't need big expensive batteries like regular electric cars and here's the best part it's not like the hydrogen cars you see today which only make water these new cars can reduce the number of times you need to go to a fueling station and they cost less to run because they refill with cheap electricity at night the new urfc cars are still a few years away but they're on their way when they arrive Tesla and other car companies will have some strong competition it's an exciting time in the world of cars

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