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welcome back to another video well a new video I haven't talked about Tesla in a standalone video in a long time it's been a while I'm talking about Tesla y let's look at this daily chart here as it just mirrors this thing breaking out of this wede that's what it looks like to me I don't know if it's going to hold it's 10:29 a.m. right now we'll see if this thing actually holds above that top trend line and if it does this is a breakout out of this wedge to the upside there's a Gap close here if we go above 226 226 yeah if we go above 226 maybe today or tomorrow o we're going to go for that Gap close here to 242 and that's going to be a lot of money on calls or just shares I'm probably just going to play shares I don't really care for calls I want to play shares hold them for 22 Yeah 242 not 224 242 so that's what I'm looking at here I've been waiting for this chart pattern to break out I figured it would break out with the market as a whole going up and uh yeah that's this is your alert I would say if you can afford shares go for shares if you want to play calls probably just play intraday and and I don't know what strategy you have for playing calls I I don't I don't do that anymore only if there's a setup there but this breakout leading to a Gap close it's big money so be ready to buy shares I haven't bought shares of Tesla in a long time uh but this is looking juicy this is looking like a steel a lot of people are talking about this a lot of short squeeze Fanatics are talking about this a lot of people talking about that Gap a lot of people a lot of eyes on it Traders so I think we're going to see that happen we're going to see a Gap close and it's going to be it's going to happen fast and it's going to be ugly and people are going to be like oh I wish I had bought when it was under 226 but you know it is what it is this is your alert of course I could be wrong maybe maybe something happens so we do have some more Catalyst this week that could send prices lower which to me would just be an opportunity to add my favorite stocks nice and cheap anyway so not a big deal in my opinion if you believe in Tesla or whatever your favorite stock is always always always take advantage of dips on your favorite stocks that recover just to be clear that recover you know this stock recovers you know this to comes back up this is not now now if you're trading something like Mullen I wouldn't tell you to yeah don't don't buy this and expect it look at this this thing just keeps going down rarely does it come back up at all sure it has its 100% pops but from 20 to 40 cents but if you bought at a dollar or higher you're still in the red so so definitely don't use that strategy with everything don't buy the dip on everything gotta know what to buy and when to buy the dip on what stock so that's just my advice I would expect that Gap close so keep an eye on that big money I'll see you on the next one

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