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here we are for the first time really in human history with something that's going to be far more intelligent than us um so it's not clear to me we can actually control such a thing but I think we can aspire to guide it in a Direction that's beneficial to humanity um but I do think it's one of the existential risks that uh we face and it's potentially the most pressing one I I don't know what necessarily the fair rules are but you've got to start with Insight before you do oversight one message that um I think needs to be heard uh and discussed more is the limits of the science regarding the safety of AI systems right now we don't know how to build an AI system that will be behaving as intended in other words that it can be safe and we don't even know how to test those systems uh to make sure they are safe this is this is this is a major problem because we are building them and uh we are racing with a competition between companies and countries so we should agree at the international level that uh we need to put the bar higher that companies have to demonstrate in a way that's scientifically sound that their systems are safe before they are built and deployed the key things is that collaboration is essential like you can't have your nationalistic identity playing out in your attitude towards this because AI isn't something that sits within a particular country or boundary like it is pervasive like we're all operating in a Global Supply chains and businesses so that piece has really come through the idea that there does need to be a level of collaboration but then also the fact that you got to have the public sector and the private sector working hand inand the public sector tends to be more Mindful and cognizant obviously around the governance structure and what that might look like whereas the business and the private side tends to be more responsible for the actual building of Phil technology as you would [Music] fact if you like the video do like comment share and subscribe

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