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can you show the 5minute chart please on Tesla this can save you some pain remember I tell you about overextensions that's my favorite right there that's the first 5 minutes in Tesla okay look how much this sold off I bought the balance right there and then it dropped lower and I added more so I get in and then it goes up a little bit and I'm like you know what I just sold and I got out this thing completely tanked I've been saying my favorite setups are to buy really strong names by the bounces but on days like that you got to be super careful and I have friends that have yoed into Tesla older people they're just holding that for the reti have no idea about this it's so it's so funny how people will put so much money into stocks just because it did something in the past and people expected to continue to do so the S&P 500 that's one thing QQQ that's one thing individual stocks that's another

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