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so the opening bell is gone and uh if you watch my earlier video about um Tesla you'll know what my thoughts are on it you'll already know well the good news is I did get two more shares at 225 they went through I I had a 225 order right on the bell and they have gone through so we are live right now and as you can see I'm just holding above where I bought in I am actually quite pleased that Tesla is holding this position it could have easily gone down five if not 10% I feel quite good it's early days it's only uh uh sort of 21 minutes into the main session however I feel looking at the earnings ratio prior to earnings ratio that this is not a bad time to buy back in again we've had the big selloff from Kathy Wood I bought back in I've got uh a couple more shares I've lowered my average uh again and I'm back in increasing I've got now 17 18 19 need 20 shares of Tesla once again just bought back in on 225 now if You' missed that earli video of why I think that Tesla is a good buy click above my head click over here and down here and you'll see the video I just put out but I just wanted to bring a followup of uh that I did manage to get those shares until next time take care of yourselves and each other

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