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in the ever evolving world of electric vehicles there's a quiet Revolution taking place that's set to change the way we drive electric used electric vehicles are becoming a pivotal part of this shift and one Tesla manager believes that they're absolutely crucial in making sustainable Transportation accept accessible to everyone take a look at our next report for more details used electric vehicles are set to play an important role in the shift to more sustainable forms of transportation Michelle oat country sales and delivery manager UK shared his insights about the future of electric cars at the EV Summit 2023 he said and I quote once the early adopters have adopted we need to start getting in front of new audiences those who haven't necessarily considered an electric car as their next purchase this is about the next wave of electric vehicle enthusiasts including those who have always been been intrigued by EVS but haven't had the financial means to purchase a new one according to the Society of motor manufacturers and Traders in the UK used battery electric vehicle sales searched by an impressive 81.8% to over 30,000 units in the second quarter with their market share reaching a record 1.7% in the United States the market for used EVS is also picking up speed with a substantial 32% year-on-year increase in retail used electric vehicle sales the appeal of used electric vehicles is clear they offer an affordable entry point into the world of zero emission driving he emphasizes that used cars have an absolutely crucial part to play in helping people transition from traditional internal combustion engine vehicles to used EVS from any manufacturer but the journey ahead is not without without challenges oats acknowledges that the used electric vehicle industry is still in its infancy compared to the new EV Market as the electric vehicle Revolution gains momentum the role of used EVS is making sustainable Transportation accessible to all is clear thanks to the vision of innovators like Michelle oats and the growing popularity of used electric cars more people than ever before can experience the sheer Joy of owning and driving an electric vehicle VI report Von world is one Von is now available in your country download the app now get all the news on the move

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