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yo what are the very few people who have not only known but lived with two of the biggest icons in the modern world Steve Jobs and Elon Musk both personalities have a lasting impact on how the world works now what is the one aspect in which both of them are completely opposite and the other in which they are similar Maybe I think that Steve Jobs had a very good sense of human emotion he could make products that would as he put it make our hearts sing like the iPod a thousand songs in your pocket and he knew with a feel for design what would excite people and Beauty any cared about emotional connections I think that Elon Musk cares more about engineering and Manufacturing uh you know musk wants to make his own products and he's a very good material scientist and engineer but both of them had a sense of mission they weren't just trying to improve the iPhone a little bit they were trying to think different as Steve Jobs said they were trying to invent things that nobody else had seen and that's the passion they both had a passion that allowed them almost to distort reality people would say that's impossible and both jobs and mosque would say no it's not impossible and he would drive people crazy but they would also drive people to do things they didn't know they could do that's very interesting and uh yeah Elon Musk lately has shown a lot of interest in India in the past few months especially what does he think about the country now and do you have any insights on plans for Tesla's entry in India now that you've lived with him for so long and you've followed his steps what do you think well he knows that India and a lot of people in India who love Teslas are very very eager for him to do more in India same with Starling and so he likes India a lot uh and he visits there I think that in terms of his future plans that's a question of foreign direct investment many other things you know uh when he decided to go into China there were laws in China that said if you're going to build a car factory it has to be a joint venture with a Chinese Enterprise and Elon Musk did not want to do that so for three years he kept refusing to do anything until it could be something that he would control so I think we can if you read the chapter or two on China and his understanding of the Indian market you can see how much he would love to get into the market in India but uh the question would be can he do it and keep control of his Factory in the way needs to if you like the video do like comment share and subscribe

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