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yeah and when it comes to valuations I mean I know Tesla has a lofty valuation I mean we've had guests on who think it's worth $25 basically which seems um significantly an undervalue for a name like Tesla um what kind of stocks do you think can have some upside potential in the world of Autos here or abroad well I think there's three to look at right off the bat first let's get real on Tesla most profitable Auto Company in the World growing 40% year-over-year they'll be over 100 billion this year they're trading at a 7 or 8X multiple that's not bad for a company with numbers that look more like a tech company than an auto company the headlines have been filled with Juicy news about Tesla Lately from the upgrade of the model 3 to fresh new Optimus the Tesla robots and even Morgan Stanley raising its price Target on Tesla there's so much positivity in the air and this could be sufficient to push Tesla's stock price to to very interesting levels so stay with us as we dive into the latest happenings with Tesla and the potential impacts that this could have on the Tesla stock price today we've got some pretty exciting news on the Tesla front and it's all about the buzz around the electric car leader Tesla has been making headlines with its advancements in AI Battery Technology EVs and space exploration and we think these updates are going to have a positive impact on Tesla's stock for instance Tesla announced that it's working on an AI robot that's going to be able to perform tasks that are dangerous repetitive or boring for humans a project demonstrates Tesla's leadership in Ai and Robotics and could open up new markets and revenue streams for the company in the future this could be something that could happen for Tesla and the end will be absolutely phenomenal want to take a closer look at the automakers us automakers in light of the UAW strike the beneficiary perhaps would be Tesla Steve Wesley founder managing partner of the Wesley group sat on the board of Tesla at one time and has a good view of what's going on here the UAW strike is expanding now um you know when we look at this now you have about 25,000 workers striking and they are expanding your thoughts on this part of it it's going into more into GM and for Less into stellantis at this point but the point is the strike is on until they make a deal um how big of a deal is it and when does it become a big deal look I I think it's already a big deal and look we all want to see American workers earn higher wages but it's coming at a tough time for Ford and GM and here's why first Ford and GM are both struggling to sell uh just 100,000 units in 2023 here and that's compared to 2 million units for Tesla so they're supposed to be catching up here they're at less than 5% so if those numbers drop down that hurts second Tesla's triggering a global price war and I I think we've seen it Tesla's had six cost reductions this year alone General Motors Volkswagen Ford they're all trying to keep up but remember the big picture not only is Tesla selling a lot more electric vehicles but their net margins are 12.9% compare that with 6% at GM 4% at Volkswagen 2.4% at Ford if you're raising rates costs at those companies that's coming at just the wrong time now the good news here is for consumers Tesla seiz an advantage they're seizing it the Chinese will come to that byd are doing the exact same thing driving cost down EVS are going to be cheaper than ever before but it's going to put the squeeze on automakers with high cost structures so GM and Ford need to be careful this will be an interesting one to watch Tesla is one of the most Innovative and Visionary companies in the world and its recent updates show that it is not slowing down in pursuit of Excellence it's like the universe is giving Tesla a cosmic high five as Market signals are pointing towards a bright and sunny 2024 for Tesla Positive Vibes all around this could mean exciting things for the company and its shareholders in the years ahead hey guys welcome back to Tesla tomorrow according to recent news a leading Bank just kept a long-term bullish stance on Tesla a recent note by Deutsche Bank highlighted meaningful downside risk to the Wall Street consensus based on the pros ECT of limited volume growth next year the bank trimmed its price Target from $300 to $285 per share but noted that while near-term fundamentals may present challenges it does continue to view Tesla as an electric vehicle leader in the automotive sector the bank also further noted that companies like GM and Ford do potentially carry a heftier labor cost disadvantage going forward it believes that this could place Tesla at an even better competitive cost advantage to the incumbents who are only in the beginning of that EV transition in its note Deutsche Bank pointed to one critical growth factor for Tesla stock which is the progress of a Next Generation platform for a smaller and more affordable model and we think that not many people actually realize how big of a deal this is Tesla is Making Waves in the stock market and there is a lot to be excited about so whether or not you're an investor or just a fan of the car company and its revolution it is a thrilling ride for Tesla before we carry on though if you like this type of content hit that like button subscribe and turn on post notifications to keep up to date on everything going on with Tesla first up let's talk about the stock market Tesla's stock is a little on the adventurous side recently and it's climbing up over 1% now that might not seem like much but in the world of stocks it is a big deal investors are keeping a close eye on this and it's not just about the numbers there's a real Buzz in the air bullish options are actively lighting up and the trading scene is buzzing right now and it's got investors and enthusiasts alike feeling pretty optimistic for instance Tesla is working on upgrading its Giga casting technology allowing it to diecast almost any vehicle part under one piece it's pretty nuts this technology will reduce the number of Parts weight cost and complexity of Tesla's vehicles and improve their performance and safety it's also going to enable Tesla to produce more Vehicles faster and more efficiently and will help it meet the growing demand for its products Tesla has updated its best-selling model 3 with more range and sleeker looks the model 3 now has a range of 423 Mi on a single charge which is more than any other EV on the market the model 3 which is Tesla's most affordable and popular vehicle right now has a new front face here headlights tail lights wheels and interior design and all these improvements are going to make it an even more attractive and competitive option for customers these are just a few of the recent updates from Tesla and they show us why it's one of the most exciting and promising companies in the world and they are potential reasons as to why Tesla stock is likely to continue to rise and reward its investors but hold on to your seats because there is a fun twist Tesla you know that company everyone seems to have an opinion on well it's currently the most shorted stock in the market short positions are like bets that the stock price will go down and right now these bets are worth a whopping $2.33 billion that's right it's like a game of tug of war with the stock and everyone has a stake in it will the shorts win or will Tesla keep on soaring well we're going to find out in a moment but for now let's see what the experts have to say for one Piper Sandler one of Tesla's biggest fans is growing very optimistic on the automaker and they're sticking to their guns with an overweight rating for Tesla and a cool $300 price Target it's a bit like saying we've got faith in Tesla and we think it's going places analysts often influence investor sentiment so their confidence in Tesla's future is quite reassuring interestingly though it's not the first time they having something good to say about Tesla a recent projection for this firm stated that Tesla could bring in around $885 million in supercharger Revenue next year and $10 billion annually in a decade and this exponential increase in Tesla's market cap and revenue will be the driving force for the stock price in the future Tesla's stocks and shares have more than doubled this year as investors have responded favorably to its decision to open up its charging Network that EVS may buy other companies as well as its strategy of cutting prices and sacrificing some profits in pursuit of more market share gains therefore with further gains from supercharges Tesla stock price can respond even more positively than it already has and here's another little gem for all you car enthusiasts eBay Motors just spilled the beans revealing that the Tesla Model 3 was the fastest selling used car in September looks like EV users just can't get enough of those Sleek Tesla designs and demand is revving up this not only shows that Tesla's popularity is also there but it does hint at the longevity and desirability of their vehicles what do you think let us know down below and if you want to know more about what tesel has been up to over the last few days go ahead and click on this next video on your screen see you there

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