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once again we're going to continue monitoring Litecoin every day because we're starting to get some action which again Litecoin is so critical to where we are right now um a lot of people are calling top on bitcoin which means the top should be in for Litecoin and you can see that from yesterday's video we got a pretty decent bounce for Litecoin so you know the uptrend is still holding if you're unaware basically every time Litecoin has a halving cycle the rally starts before the having that's the argument for BTC as well which btc's having is a year away so um history still potentially has a shot at being relevant here because again if Bitcoin topped out then there's no way Litecoin is going to come all the way up here my opinion at least again historically when Litecoin has rallied Bitcoin has followed it so um the reason we're monitoring this is because obviously if Litecoin is bullish then BTC should still be bullish as well so you can see the two-year downtrend is about to come back into play we talked about yesterday how you probably got one more shot at this so keep an eye on about 97 if we can see Litecoin crack 97 to 100 that should set you up for another rally all the way up to 135 obviously it's not going to look like this but you get the idea now something that would be worrisome is if we did yet uh if we didn't if we did make yet another lower high like this um so if that does happen Litecoin needs to stay over 82 all right and at any time Litecoin needs to stay over 72. if you don't know what that is obviously that'll break us out of the downtrend but that is your 382 so any lower than 7260 for Litecoin and that gets confirmed as a double top which obviously means not only Litecoin not having a having rally but that also means that Bitcoin is going to start crashing again as well so as long as Litecoin hangs out up here and continues making lower high or sorry higher hope higher hose higher highs and higher lows um you know you have an argument for being somewhere in here or even in here but it's more comparable to this in my opinion because of the way that it looks you can see this one was much more vertical this one is much more dragged out obviously this wasn't a having rally this was just a rally um so just keep an eye on about 98 99 I mean if Litecoin can in fact clear that again not only is it bullish for Bitcoin or Saria not only is it bullish for Litecoin but it's very bullish for crypto in general um I would say Litecoin is very uh extremely bullish once it gets over 110 but again there's a lot of ifs in there we'll keep taking it day to day it is traveling in our channel so there's no point of over complicating it you're approaching a two-year downtrend um the one-year uptrend is holding so we'll see if the sellers come in and push this thing back down but Litecoin needs to stay in this channel uh to maintain a bull argument so that's pretty much it as always just my opinion none of this is financial advice

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