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well the Fallout from Elon mus continues after the Tesla CEO endorsed his anti-semitic post as the actual truth the White House being the latest to respond saying we condemn this abhorent promotion of anti-Semitic and racist hate in the strongest terms which runs against our core values as Americans so Michelle um this certainly not abating in terms of a controversy forx formerly Twitter with the white house now weighing in as well I mean for those who have not been following this was a repost that Elon Musk had but it was an anti-semitic post he essentially elevated that by commenting it's the actual truth and that has really set off things for X making it very difficult by the way for the new CEO Linda yako you had IBM suspending its advertising ex reportedly getting calls from other advertisers who are saying why is my advertisement Why is my ad showing up next to anti-semitic comments and then you've got the issue of Tesla right I mean anytime Elon Musk says something you inevitably tie that to Les Tesla because he is the face of the company and by the way one of the biggest Bulls on the market Ross Gerber last night on CNBC talking about this saying I mean this is complete brand destruction I mean it's true and he was saying that he he tweeted or I guess exed that he's getting all these calls from clients trying to dump the Tesla stock he himself was saying he was going to get rid of his Tesla was going to switch to to arivan one of the competitors uh he went on to tweet I've never had this with any company I've ever invested in ever in my life where the CEO of the company himself does so many detrimental things that is destroying the brand because it goes beyond sort of this idea of purchasing X as being a distraction it's now Elon Musk himself and the words that he's saying on this massive platform in X they're now having a domino effect and as we saw immediately after some of that push back after we saw that he wasn't going to appear at the Apex Summit anymore a lot of people wondering was it because of those comments at first the the public comment was that it was a scheduling conflict but you have to wonder now the backlash and and how this is going to play out or whether investors will just focus on the fundamentals of the company and somehow separate elong must the person and and that brand from what's happening with Tesla's shares well and what's only sort of added to investor concerns is where Tesla is right now we were just having a conversation about the strength and the hybrid but really when you look at the EV Market there are concerns about increasing competition the price cuts that will have to come with it you know more competition for Tesla what does that mean in terms of the market share they already have so Tesla is trying to navigate all of these challenges right now certainly from an investor standpoint not helpful when you've got the CEO the face of the company out there advert or elevating amplifying anti-semitic comments when you've got real issues with the company no and it's true and I mean despite Linda Yaro coming out and saying look we we don't support any sort of anti-emetic comments we have to go back to their guideline that said awful but lawful is the standard by which they're going to be gauging free speech and so really putting themselves in a precarious position here yeah it certainly feels like we're back to that conversation the early days after Elon mus purchased X and there were concerns about what it would mean for advertisers

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